Tsar Watches has created a lifestyle brand around wooden watches

There isn’t many products that have undergone such a big change as the wristwatch. Once upon a time the watch was an instrument to help sailors navigate the world, now watches are seen as a fashion statement to a wearable communications device.

And even today, the big fashion brands look on in dismay as Apple and Google make inroads into the already saturated market. Even with all this change, two entrepreneurial brothers with a creative slant, took the humblle wristwatch and dared to launch a wood watch brand.

Tsar (meaning Emperor in Russian) is a lifestyle wooden watch company based in Indore and Mumbai.

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U.S. Paper and Wood Manufacturers Show Their Sustainability Progress

wood sustainability environment

The American Forest & Paper Association has released its 2016 Sustainability Report. In this report they showcase the U.S. pulp, paper, packaging, tissue and wood products industry’s sustainability  statistics. In this report is explains the industries progress towards their goal of achieving the Better Practices, Better Planet 2020 sustainability.

The American Forest & Paper Association Report highlights:

  • Greenhouse gas emissions were reduced by 16%, more than 15% that was expected for the same period
  • The safety incidence rate has improved by more than 40%, more than 25% that was planned
  • More than 63% of paper consumed in the United States was recovered through recycling for the past 7 years
  • Pulp and paper mills are self-generating an average of 66% of their energy from biomass and renewable sources
  • Water consumption by mills is now reused on average ten times. 

To view the full report: http://sustainability.afandpa.org/ 

16 of the top wood watches

top wood watches

Wooden watches are the latest fashion eco-trend out today. Many new brands and choices have hit the market recently, making the available choices hard to keep up with. Here at WoodMafia Watches, we have put together a list of the best wooden watches on the market today. 

Over the past few years we have reviewed a lot of watches, traditionally wood watches have been made for the larger male wrist, but we have focused on creating a balanced view of for women and men. We have reviewed and tested various types of wooden wristwatches for women and men, all the watches below have been independently tested and voted on externally. Feel free to make any comments of the watches we have showcased below. 


Best women’s wood watch

best womens woodwatch

Watches that are made from timber are the latest eco-friendly fashion trend to hit the market. Recently, a lot of companies that focus on making wood watches have started to produce some amazing watches at affordable prices. We have tested and reviewed a number of amazing woodwatches in order to get access to the best value wood watch that you can buy today. 

In our review we have looked at: Build Quality, Price, Availability, Popularity and Reliability. All these factors go into making a great product for the average consumer. 

Introducing the worlds best woodwatch for women, made by Jord. 


We tested and reviewed a number of amazing watches and we found the best watch made from wood exclusively for women. This watch has it all, value for money, style, design and popularity are among the best aspects of this wooden timepiece.  Jord has created a beautiful watch that is adored by many. 

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This beautiful timepiece lets you find elegance in it’s ultra slim wooden case, showcasing a quality movement made in Switzerland.. The Frankie line of wood watches from Jord have a simple yet elegant face, giving you focus, and the streamlined shape of the watch gives you a unique style. Jord has produced this amazing wood watch that will give you a lot of attention. 

Frankie watch features

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Hardended sapphire crystal glass
  • Reviewed as “best-in-class” women’s wood watch
  • Stainless steel automatic clasp with push buttons
  • Swiss-made movement

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By Simon Barnett, is an avid woodwatch producer and collector. Simon has over 37 types of woodwatches and loves coming to work every day because he gets to produce amazing timepieces.

Best womens wood watches

It’s that time again, we’re reviewing more wooden watches which are made from timber, and this time we are looking at the best wooden watches for women. While Wood watches have become the latest eco-trend to hit the market, most of the time wood watches are designed for the larger male wrists. We have chosen to take a good look at watches designed exclusively for women.

We have tried and tested many different types of watches designed for women, and we are sharing our findings. All watches have been independently tested and voted on by our esteemed panel of women. If you have any feedback, please do not hesitate to comment.


1) Frankie Series Plumb


After hours of tribulations and testing, we have found the best women’s wood watch. We believe value for money, style and design are encapsulated in this brilliant timepiece. Jord have created a brilliant watch which is adored by many, based on a minimal yet elegant design, the plumb wood watch in the Frankie series is a synchronized canvas of moments.

This watch lets you find elegance with ease in the ultra slim case powered by a Swiss movement and enjoy the comfort of the straight line strap. The Frankie series of watches showcase an uncomplicated face, allowing focus, and the streamlined shape offers a unique style. You will get a lot of attention with this amazing wood watch from Jord.

Frankie Plumb wood women’s watch features

  • Best in class women’s wood watch
  • Sapphire crystal glass
  • Automatic deployment clasp with push buttons
  • Swiss movement

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2) WeWood Mimosa


The next on our list is WeWood’s new Mimosa wood range, this watch has been designed especially for the ladies, and is the perfect fit for smaller wrists, which is why its one of our favourite.

The brilliant Mimosa wood watch is the smallest, and most feminine watch produced by WeWood, it has a simple yet elegant design hand crafted from Tasmanian Blackwood. You will be sure to attract lots of attention while wearing this beautiful watch.

Mimosa wood watches are incredibly warm and lightweight – the watch is very strong and durable, yet it weighs next to nothing. We absolutely love this watch and believe this is one of the best on our list.

WeWood Mimosa wood watch features

  • 100% Natural Wood
  • Colours: Mimosa Nut, Mimosa Chocolate
  • Hypo-allergenic 
  • Miyota movement
  • Hardened, scratch-proof mineral glass
  • Silver watch details

3) WeWOOD Date Flower Beige Women’s Watch


The new Date Beige timepiece from WeWood has been voted one of the top wood watches for Women. This is the watch that kickstarted a number of wood watch ventures and is WeWood’s most popular style of watch.

My partner purchased one of these over 3 years ago, since then she has worn it all over the world, and she is still wearing it today! Features of the Date wood watch from WeWood include a contemporary bold, clear design, making this watch not only perfect for women but men as well.

The watch has been made from 100% natural wood, and is free of any artificial and toxic materials. Making this one of the top watch by WeWood, it is more lightweight and comfortable than any watch you’ll ever wear. Even on cold mornings this watch is it’s warm as soon as you put it on.

WeWood Date Beige wood watch features

  • 100% Natural Wood
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Hardened, scratch-proof mineral glass
  • Free of toxic chemicals
  • Stainless Steel movement from Myota

4) Dreamy Watch Cycle CC0104 


Welcome to the Dreamy Wood Watch entry in this watch review. This watch is a beautifully designed mechanical watch. The Cycle CC0104 is a beautiful integration of metal and wood.

When you wear this amazing watch, you will feel the harmony of mechanical engineering embedded in the heart of this watch. Every piece of these watches are installed and tested by skilled watch craftsman. This amazing watch could not be passed up when creating this of list, we have found that Dreamy Wood Watches are seriously underrated for their value, beauty and skilful engineering.

5) Tree Hut Classic


Tree Hut have done it again with their Classic watch made from bamboo. This timepiece is equipped with high quality Japan quartz movement, with the strap is made of genuine leather. This is one of the cheaper watches in our selection but it is a great example of quality at a great price.

The Tree Hut story is really inspiring. We also really like the cause they are supporting and their environmental focus. We have been playing around with their Classic watch for some time and look forward to seeing their latest styles. You cannot pass up a Tree Hut Classic Women’s Wood Watch.

Tree Hut’s Classic Women’s Wood Watch features

  • Japanese Quartz movement
  • Strap made from genuine leather
  • Minimalist Design
  • 3 ATM Water Resistant
  • Durable & Long Lasting

6) Tense Women’s Mini Summit


Tense has gone with a design to create that perfect image you are going for. To do this you will need something that complements your unique yet classy aura. If a regular watch just doesn’t seem to do the trick then perhaps a  watch from Tense will do exactly what you are looking after.

The crowns and the push-button clasps are made from high quality stainless steel. The face of this watch are a bold square with rounded corners. Standing out in a stark contrast with the bracelet. Furthermore, each minute is also clearly indicated by a small dash on the watch.

Classy and elegant at the first glance, and yet original and unique upon second glance. This watch has been crafted in their Summit model, using dark Sandalwood to make a bold statement. The grain patterns are subtle yet visible throughout the dark colour. This watch is hypoallergenic not only beautiful and durable.

Tense Dark solid wood watch features

  • Three eye wood bracelet wrist watch
  • Water resistant
  • Very light weight
  • Solid sandalwood case
  • Stainless Steel movement from Myota

7) Tense Women’s Northwest Watch


Tense had made this all wood watch from wood from the Northwest Territories in Canada, this watch comes in many colours from light and dark variances. Displaying beautiful numbers, this watch is natural, elegant, unique and will age beautifully the more you wear it. This watch is really light, and makes wearing this watch very comfortable.

Tense make all their best wood watches by master craftsman, all their bracelets are hypo-allergenic and are made so metal will not touch the skin. Every watch made by Tense is unique and one of a kind, this is because wood is an organic material that is never the same.
The watch bracelet can be adjusted using two small screwdrivers to modify the links in the bracelet, or you could take the watch to the nearest watch or jewellery shop. Taking care of this wood watch is very similar to other wood products. The watch comes in a classy box, with a watch pillow and warranty registration information.

Tense Dark Sandalwood watch features

  • Water resistant
  • 24 month warranty
  • Made from wood from northwest Canada
  • Bracelet style strap
  • Natural wood face with numerals 1-12


A few places you can buy wood watches

Amazon  | Etsy | WoodMafia

How to adjust the strap on your wood watch

Adjusting the size of your wood or timber watch strap is very easy. All WoodMafia’s wood watches come with with adjustable straps (or bracelets) that are designed to be super easy to adjust. To get started all you need is two small screwdrivers, you can buy these screwdrivers from any hardware store for around$5.

how to adjust a wood watch strap

Step 1) Place one screwdriver into one end and hold it, while you unscrew the other end. 

step 1 how-to-adjust-wood-watch-strap

Step 2) On one of the ends, a little screw will come out out, take that little screw out and put it aside.

step 2-how-to-adjust-wood-watch-strap

Step 3) On the other side will be a pin. To remove it, push your little screwdriver through the opposite hole and it will pop out. 

step 3 how-to-adjust-wood-watch-strap

Step 4) Now the pin has been removed the link will be free. Repeat this process in order to adjust the wooden strap even more. To get the right size, you can compare the watch strap to another watch that you fit, just keep trying it on the the watch strap fits.

step 4 how-to-adjust-wood-watch-strap

Step 5) Next, you just need to put it all back together, just line up the little holes and put the pin back in.

step 5 how-to-adjust-wood-watch-strap

Step 6) Push the little screw back in, with one of the screwdrivers, hold the pin in place while you screw it back together with the other screw driver. Don’t forget to save your removed links, just in case you ever need to replace them.

step 6 how-to-adjust-wood-watch-strap


The best wood watch for men

Cocuzzi Number 05 Watch

Jewellery made from wood or timber is the latest trend to hit the market. Over the past few years, a lot of watchmakers that specialise in making the best wood watches have started up. We have tested and evaluated a lot of wood watches over the years in order to find the best wood watch money can buy.

After years of searching, we believe that we have found top watch that has been hand crafted from wood. Made by Cocuzzi, their watches are a celebration of beauty, contemporary art and functionality. After five minutes with this watch, you will fall for the stunning beauty of this hand crafted wood watch made by Cocuzzi. Their watches are characterised by the designer’s immaculate eye for detail, even the watchstrap and clasp are made from wood. The wood undertakes a number of processes making it durable and 100% water proof.

Cocuzzi #5 Watch main features

  • All parts are Swiss Made
  • Outer Case: Solid wood with an internal brass case
  • Swiss Movement: ETA 251.272
  • Bezel: Solid wood over the top of brass support
  • Hands: Screw chrome
  • Face: Sapphire Crystal
  • Counters: Inlayed in wood
  • Index: Stick with pins

See the full review of the world’s best wood watches

By Simon Barnett, an avid wood watch creator and collector. Simon has over 37 types of wood watches.

Best Wood Watch Companies

We have picked the 11 best wood watch brands whom create and sell sustainable watches from timber for men and women. All these watches are perfect for gifts or as an investment in yourself. Maybe it’s time that your fashion got a lot more eco-friendly.

This list includes the following wood watch companies:

  • Original Grain
  • WeWood Tense
  • Analogwatchco
  • TreeHut Bewell
  • JORD
  • Springbreak
  • Mistura
  • Yesah
  • Luno

See the full review of the best wood watch companies

By Simon Barnett, an avid wood watch creator and collector. Simon has over 37 types of watches made from wood.

The Most Expensive Watch in the World

the most expensive watch in the world

Introducing the the Most Expensive Watch in the World worth US $55 Million

The Hallucination by Graff Diamonds

Topping worlds most expensive watch, the Hallucination by Graff Diamonds. This famous timepiece is known for its hand crafted jewels, featuring a brilliance array of more than 110cts of extremely rare coloured diamonds. This multi-coloured diamond timepiece is the most valuable watch ever created.

View our review of the worlds most expensive watches

Facts about this amazing timepiece:

  • 110-carat watch coated in colourful rare diamonds
  • Jewellers spent thousands of hours designing the new ladies watch
  • Was unveiled at the Baselworld watch and jewellery fair in Switzerland
  • Some diamond colours are Fancy Vivid Yellow, Fancy Intense Pink and Fancy Intense Blue
  • The tiny quartz dial, framed by pink diamonds, delicately displays the uber-accurate time


The worlds most expensive watches

Every year we take a look at the most expensive watches money can buy. Not only do we have several new incredibly expensive watches, we also have a new #1 which is valued at $55 million. Most of the watches are one of a kind and owned by the richest people in the world. Starting with sub-$1Milllion pieces, we will work our way up to the world’s most expensive watch.



Wood to be used in more hi-rise buildings

wood sustainability environment

Wood has experienced a renaissance of sorts in recent years, in the process providing a boost to the forest and wood products industry. Wood-product proponents tout a range of benefits relative to alternative materials such as concrete and steel, including: renewability; a smaller carbon and environmental footprint; and lower cost.

Many argue that advances in wood technologies – especially mass-timber products such as cross-laminated timber (CLT) – have been a “game changer” in the construction industry, with such products providing vastly improved strength, durability, seismic performance, and fire-resistance.

Supporters also assert that mass-timber products are easily installed and generate almost no on-site waste since they are pre-fabricated. Despite these advantages, there is no full recognition in U.S. building codes for CLT, although its use could be authorized under the “alternate methods” of construction, § 104.11, and its use is recognized in Chapter 6 of the 2015 IBC.

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Buy a wood watch and we’ll plant a tree

Here at WoodMafia we have taken a stand for the environment. We will help reverse the amount of trees that are cut down every single day. With every wood watch purchased, we’ll plant a tree. Our true focus is on sustainable living and ecology.

Trees used to cover more than 14% of the world, and now less than 6% of the world is covered with trees. It is amazing to think that more than 60 acres of timber every minute is cut down. This introduces dangers to the planet which are unprecedented, humanity is simply unprepared for what is about to happen.

2016 is the year of the tree at WoodMafia, it is our aim to put more than 10,000 trees in the ground, with an end goal of planting 100,000 trees in the foreseeable future.

How you can help us

Buy a wood watch and plant a tree

How to choose the right jewellery when you have a metal allergy

People, who suffer allergic skin reactions to metal, have a real challenge when it comes to finding jewellery they can wear. In a cost-saving measure, a lot of jewellery manufacturers are adding cheap metal alloys that lead sensitive skin to have adverse reactions. When you know which metals you’re allergic to and which ones are hypoallergenic you can look for the kinds of jewellery and accessories that you can wear without worry.



What Happens With a Metal Allergy?

People with metal allergies get contact dermatitis or rashes when their skin comes in contact with certain metals. This frequently happens when they wear jewellery because it touches the skin for long periods of time when being worn. Some people trace their allergic reactions to metal way back to their childhood, while others somehow develop the allergy in later years. Piercings often trigger an allergic reaction because an open wound is being exposed to metal. When you have a metal allergy it isn’t going to go away, but it can certainly get worse with repeated exposure.

Metals That Commonly Cause Allergies

Many people are allergic to nickel so a piece of jewellery that contains nickel will often irritate the skin. What makes it worse, is that nickel can be dissolved in water to form salts. Therefore, when someone wears a watch, bracelet or ring containing nickel and they perspire or wash their hands, the salts will cause a painful and/or itchy skin reaction. The same reaction can occur when perfumes, lotions and soaps are being used on sensitive skin, given enough moisture. In addition to nickel, cobalt and copper are also prone to causing allergic skin reactions.

Metal Alloys in Jewellery

Oftentimes people will have skin reactions when wearing gold and/or silver, and so they just assume they’re allergic to these metals. But the truth is that these metals very rarely cause reactions. What is happening is more likely that these individuals are reacting to the metal alloys contained in their gold and/or silver jewellery pieces. The alloys have probably been added in an effort to make the metal harder, more durable and less expensive.

When you have gold and silver pieces that are low karat, it’s highly likely they’ve been mixed with copper and nickel, which many people are allergic to. Copper is often used in making brass jewellery, leading many people to think they’re allergic to brass.

Symptoms Associated with Metal Allergies

The main symptom that shows up on the skin is something called contact dermatitis, meaning it’s a skin reaction from coming in contact with the metal. The reaction usually appears within 24 hours of being in contact with the metal and will be in the same area, but can certainly spread and affect other areas of the body. Once the metal is removed the symptoms will go away.

These allergic skin reactions can range in degree of severity, from mild to serious and they make people more prone to infections. In a mild case the skin will itch and become reddish and swollen. In severe cases, the skin will become dry, cracks will for, and even painful blisters.

Why Do Certain Types of Jewellery Cause People to have Allergic Reactions?

A lot of jewellery being made today contains trace amounts of metal alloys usually nickel. This is especially common when it’s inexpensive. Very often jewellery that’s plated has nickel beneath the metal seen on the top. Jewellery made of leather can also cause allergic reactions. The reason for this is that in tanning the leather metal is used, which leaves traces behind on the leather. Even these tiny amounts can cause someone to have an allergic reaction when leather is used on or as a piece of jewellery.

Jewellery often does not come with a label listing its contents, however consumers can test their jewellery with an at-home metal-testing kit. These kits come with a solution that you can drop onto a fresh cotton ball, then rubbed onto the jewellery. When a certain metal is detected the solution on the cotton ball will change colour. These testing kits will not damage the jewellery and are very useful in helping people identify jewellery and/or accessories that might cause them to have an allergic reaction.

Hypoallergenic Jewellery

Jewellery designers today have advanced technology at their disposal, which has allowed them to make beautiful jewellery pieces from hypoallergenic materials. Certain materials can give the shiny appearance of being made of precious metals, while other hypoallergenic materials can offer bright vivid colours that look amazing on jewellery and accessories.

One jewellery material that you can be sure is hypoallergenic is wood or timber, in fact there are some beautiful hypoallergenic watches made of wood and you will never need to worry about having an allergic reaction while wearing any of these watches.

Fine Jewelry Made of Hypoallergenic Materials

People love receiving fine jewellery as a gift, and love wearing it on formal occasions. Many people even collect fine jewellery as a matter of pride in having something of monetary and sentimental value to leave their children. Here is a list of hypoallergenic materials often used in fine jewellery in creating beautiful pieces adorned with diamonds and/or other gemstones:

14-Karat Gold and Up

For gold jewellery to be hypoallergenic it must be at least 14-karat gold. If you buy anything lower, it will most likely contain allergens like nickel and other metal alloys. Do not buy rose gold, or gold of any other colour, because it will probably contain copper and/or other metals that could cause an allergic skin reaction.


If you were interested in buying jewellery made of white gold, it would be better to instead buy pieces made of palladium. Palladium has a silvery white look to it, almost like platinum, but it is less expensive. Very often there is nickel and rhodium in white gold, but when Palladium alloys replace those, the piece is a lot less likely to cause allergic skin reactions like contact dermatitis.


Jewellery made of platinum is a stunning silvery white colour with a lot of shine to it. Platinum is totally hypoallergenic in that it usually contains less than 10% metal alloys. It’s very pure and safe for people prone to metal allergies.

Argentium Sterling Silver

Traditional sterling silver is 92.5% silver plus 7.5% metal alloy, which is usually copper. Argentium is hypoallergenic and can be used instead of copper without compromising the gorgeous appearance and appeal of sterling silver. Argentium sterling silver is also tarnish resistant, which is a wonderful benefit for jewellery.

Hypoallergenic Jewellery for Men

Men are not as inclined as women to have metal allergies, however 6% of men do get contact dermatitis from metal jewellery and need to find alternatives. Men can choose jewellery and accessories made from the materials already listed, as well as from the following materials:


Aside from being hypoallergenic, titanium is very durable. You will find that many rings for men are made of titanium because it has a number of beneficial properties. Titanium is highly resistant to corrosion, even from the chlorinated water in swimming pools, and from perspiration. Some jewellers substitute titanium alloys in gold jewellery instead of using nickel and/or other alloys.


You may be surprised to know that wood is being used on high-end watches to great acclaim. There are no two grains alike so a wooden watch is unique, quite beautiful and hypoallergenic as well. Because of their uniqueness, wooden watches often become a conversation piece, drawing attention and compliments among both men and women. You can find a wonderful assortment of hypoallergenic wooden watches.

High-tech Ceramic

You will find high-tech ceramic often used in men’s rings and watches. This is a synthetic material containing no metal, so it is naturally hypoallergenic and has the benefit of being very durable. Another advantage that high-tech ceramic has is that it is lightweight, which makes it very comfortable. It also comes in a variety of colours, which stay vivid and bright over time, never fading.


Tungsten is another metal that is naturally hypoallergenic and you will find this alloy in gold jewellery. Tungsten has a brushed-looking finish, which keeps it free from scratches.

Hypoallergenic Fashion or Costume Jewellery

Rubber & Plastic

Very often people assume that because fashion or costume jewellery is inexpensive that cheap materials are being used and these would cause allergic skin reactions. However, there is a lot of fashion jewellery on the market that is stylish and trendy and totally hypoallergenic. You can find cute bracelets made of rubber and plastic, which are perfect for casual outfits.


Wood is also a safe bet when you want to avoid having an allergic reaction to your jewellery, and is often preferred in choosing a watchband. Wooden watchbands are very popular these days, especially on watchbands. It looks beautiful and it feels cool when on your wrist. Because wood is naturally anti-bacterial, it doesn’t attract germs so you never need to worry about any bacteria building up on the watchband. Take a look at a wonderful assortment of hypoallergenic wooden watches.


Necklace chains made of pleather won’t cause allergic skin reactions like real leather does. Pleather comes in a variety of colours and finishes and jewellery, including watchbands, made of pleather can nicely compliment any casual outfit.


Niobium is a metal that has undergone certain electrical processes, making it hypoallergenic and it comes in a range of vibrant colours. This makes niobium ideal for artists and jewellery designers and you can find some gorgeous pieces of fashion or costume jewellery made with this metal. 

Hypoallergenic Handmade Jewellery

People who are into making handmade jewellery often have a hard time finding hypoallergenic materials for customers who are prone to metal allergies. Metal beads and earring hooks usually contain a lot of nickel and copper, which these customers would definitely react to. However, you can find plenty of beads made of clay, crystal, glass, plastic and wood. And you can also get earring hooks made of surgical steel or niobium, all of which are hypoallergenic.

Crafters who do macramé often make accessories, and even jewellery. People even wear crocheted and knitted jewellery, which of course would all be hypoallergenic. For those with just mild allergies, metal jewellery can often be coated with lacquer, which would prevent the piece from directly touching the skin. These lacquers are easy to apply and also add a nice sheen.


People with metal allergies can still find beautiful fine and fashion jewellery made from hypoallergenic materials that will not cause skin problems. There are quite a few alternatives that give a great appearance. When buying jewellery it is important that you find out first what the piece is made of to ensure that you will not have an allergic skin reaction. If the jewellery is made of metal you can certainly use a metal-testing kit if you have any doubts. Check out some tips on coping with your metal allergy.

If you do have an allergic reaction, remove the piece immediately and it goes without saying that you need to keep all jewellery clean just in case, in order to avoid having an infection if you do react to it. Hypoallergenic jewellery is always a good idea when deciding on a gift because you never know if someone has metal allergies. There are many different hypoallergenic metals to choose from, but don’t forget to check out other hypoallergenic materials as well when buying jewellery.  

Among the most popular choices today would be hypoallergenic wooden watches. These make wonderful gifts due to their uniqueness. They look stunning on both men and women and will usually attract attention. People love wooden watches once they see how different they are. You can’t miss with a wooden watch.

wood watch buyers guide, what you should consider when buying a wood watch

wood watch buyers guide

Setting out to select a wooden watch to buy can seem overwhelming at first, because there are hundreds to choose from and many of them look so much alike, they’re practically identical. We realized this and decided to create this guide to make it easier for you.

This guide includes helpful information about the different styles of wooden watches, where to buy them, how much they’ll likely cost and other details regarding the various features that you might like to know about.

Our goal is to give you what you need to know to make a smart decision without having to see the watch in person and to help you get the most for your money.

Things to Consider When Choosing a timber watch made from wood

There are a number of things to consider before you buy. Thinking about these things first will ensure that you’re choosing the watch that is best suited to you.

When do you plan on wearing it?

Before anything else, you need to decide when you will be wearing this watch. Is this going to be your everyday watch that you’ll be wearing to work? Would you be wearing this to the beach? Are you planning on wearing this with a suit to dressy or more formal events?

If this is something you’ll wear to work everyday, then you’d probably prefer a softer, more durable leather watchband for comfort. But if you’re mostly going to wear the watch for outdoor activities, you might want to consider a plastic case rather than glass because plastic is shatterproof.

If this watch is going to be worn in formal settings, you might want to choose a watch face that is minimalistic in design or one with an all-wooden strap instead of a leather one. It’s best that you think about these things in advance before you make your purchase.

The Case

What case will likely suit your purposes best?
The case will likely come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours for you to choose from.


wood watch buyers guide-03

Watches come in several shapes, with the most common ones being a circle, rectangle and square. It’s up to you to decide what look you’re after, but circular is the one you see most often, and it does seem to be quite stylish, suiting both casual and formal attire.


wood watch buyers guide-01

You may see wooden watches that have cases dyed a darker shade of brown. Not all wooden watches are alike, so look carefully before you choose because you want a shade you won’t easily tire of.


wood watch buyers guide-07

With any wood product there are going to be sight variations in the grain as that’s the nature of wood. The grain will make your watch unique, as no two grains are alike.

The Crystal

The crystal is the part protecting the watch’s face. Most people assume the watch crystal is made of glass, but that’s not necessarily the case. A watch’s crystal can be made from other materials besides glass.

The following are the most commonly used materials for the crystals in wooden watches:


wood watch buyers guide-08

Acrylic crystal is actually the technical name given for plastic glass. Acrylic is more cost-effective than other materials used in crystals, a highly prone to scratches when compared to the other materials. The good news is that’s almost impossible to break or shatter. Acrylic is relatively soft so it can be easily polished to eliminate the scratches.


wood watch buyers guide-09

Mineral crystal is actually the technical name given for normal glass. When you harden glass with a tempering process, you get mineral glass, which is harder than acrylic crystals, but it can still break or shatter. The good news is that it is more resistant to scratches. Mineral crystal is a combination of shatterproof and scratch resistant, which is a good mix really.


wood watch buyers guide-06

Sapphire Crystal is definitely the most expensive choice for watch crystals, and is found only on high quality watches. It has three times the hardness of mineral crystals, which makes it the most resistant to scratches of the three crystals we’ve mentioned.

In the end, acrylic crystal has proven to be the most durable out of the three listed, but unfortunately it does look the cheapest. The strongest one is the sapphire crystal, but it’s very expensive. Consider how you will be using your watch before you decide which crystal would best suit your lifestyle and habits.

Types of Watchbands

The type of watchband you get will determine how comfortable the watch is when you’re wearing it. It can also make an inexpensive watch look more expensive and formal.

The three most common types of bands are:


wood watch buyers guide-10

A leather watchband is perfect on a more formal watch, but also great for an everyday watch due to the comfort it provides. Leather is durable yet soft and a watchband made of leather can be worn all day long without causing any discomfort. People with skin rashes or irritations often trade their metal watchband for leather and are much happier.


wood watch buyers guide-02

Wooden watchbands are becoming more popular and are usually found on high-end wooden watches. They have a nice appearance and feels cool on your wrist. Wood actually has anti-bacterial properties, so if you’re worried about germs, they won’t build up on a wooden band. For people who prefer hypoallergenic products, wooden watchbands are perfect.


wood watch buyers guide-14

Metal watchbands are not seen very frequently on wooden watches as they are on metal watches since most watch manufacturers simply do not add metal bands to watches unless they’re specifically requested. If you really like the look and feel of metal, you can certainly find metal watchbands if you look hard enough.

Your personal preferences will dictate the watchband you choose, but if you do decide on a metal band it will make the watch a lot heaver on your wrist.

Analog or Digital

Are you a more traditional person who likes a watch that ticks with hands indicating the time? Or are you more modern and prefer digital numbers that light up to indicate the time?


wood watch buyers guide-13

Quartz are very tiny crystals that vibrate to keep very accurate time. Quartz is known for its accuracy, with very little chance of making errors.  Due to its reliability and its cost, with fewer moving parts than mechanical watches, quartz it is highly favoured among watchmakers and consumers alike. 


wood watch buyers guide-05

Digital watches have a tiny watch battery for power. These batteries last quite a long time, typically ten or more years before they need to be replaced, so this is an advantage of having a digital watch. 

Watch Size

Make sure that you check the specs on the watch you choose before you buy so that you can be sure the band will fit your wrist.

Watchbands are sized for the average wrist size and they fit most people, however if your wrist is unusually small or big, then you need to make sure the band will fit around your wrist.

Another thing to consider is the size of the watch’s face, its diameter and thickness. You may prefer a large watch or a small one, but one thing you don’t want is a watch that turns out to be drastically different than the photos shown online.

The Weight

Weight is another factor that depends on personal preference. Because wood is so light, a wooden watch will naturally be lightweight.

If you would like to add some heft to the watch, you may want to consider a metal watchband, which will definitely add some weight.

People who do not want a lightweight watch should consider watches made of other materials besides wood.

What Do Wood Watches Cost?

Prices vary so it all depends on brand you’re looking at, the quality, type of watchband, the materials used, etc. As with any type of product, the price will involve a number of factors, but basically you’ll likely get what you pay for, no more and no less. 

You can usually find an entry-level, lower quality watch for about $99 USD, a mid-range watch should range from $150 to $250 USD, and a higher quality watch can be found for $350 USD and more.

Wood is an inexpensive material, so wooden watches are certainly affordable. In fact the most expensive wooden watches are not out of reach, unlike metal watches that are hugely expensive, hundreds of thousands of dollars in some cases.

Where Do They Sell Wood Watches?

Amazon is a great place to buy so many things, including wooden watches. When you buy a wooden watch through Amazon you get a 2-year warranty offered by Asurion. This will give you peace of mind about your online purchase. If you belong to Amazon Prime, you will be guaranteed 2-day shipping, or a full refund.

In fact, Amazon Prime is currently running a promotion that allows you to pay $3 for a 30-day FREE TRIAL and this also offers 2-day shipping. If you don’t already have a Prime account, you may want to do that to save money on shipping costs.

What Styles of Watches are there to Choose From?


wood watch buyers guide-11

A minimalistic look is what you see most commonly with the faces on wooden watches. This is a reflection on the laid-back look and simplistic nature of wood watches.

Minimalistic watches can be worn on both casual and formal occasions, so they are versatile. They can even be a conversation piece, but they won’t detract from the style you’re wearing.


wood watch buyers guide-12

A patterned watch combines minimalistic style and a watch face with a pattern. These are showing up more frequently these days.

The patterns may be of repeating triangles or other shapes, animals etched right into the face of the watch, or simply dyed backgrounds in various colours. Watches of this type do tend to draw attention, more than a simple minimalistic design.


wood watch buyers guide-04


Aggressive watch faces are not very commonly found. These are simply designed to attract attention, just screaming to be looked at and commented on. I wouldn’t say they are in very good taste.

How Long Do Wooden Watches Last?

The lifespan of a wooden watch can vary depending on how well it’s taken care of. They are not waterproof so if you accidently go swimming with your watch on, that’s the end of it.

Another factor affecting lifespan is the battery or time-keeping mechanism used in your watch. A quartz mechanism will usually last a lot longer than a mechanical one. However, if your problem turns out to be the battery, it can be easily and inexpensively replaced.

How often you wear your watch also affects its lifespan. When you wear it every day the watchband will wear out a lot more quickly than if you just wear it on the weekends.

The main factor influencing the lifespan of your watch is its quality, assuming you take good care of your watch. A watch with a good quality crystal and watchband will last quite a bit longer than an inexpensive entry-level watch.

How Do I Choose the Right Watch for Me?

The most important thing is to choose one that fits your gender. Most wooden watches come in unisex styles, so they work well on both men and women. However, a man’s watch will have a larger face and wider watchband, whereas a woman’s watch will have a smaller face and band.

The wooden watch most suited to you will be one that you like, one that you won’t get tired of. After reading this guide you should have come to a conclusion by now about what kind of watch you’re looking for.

Why Would a Wooden Watch be a Good Choice?

Wooden watches really are a conversation piece. It seems that whenever I’m wearing any one of my many wooden watches someone pays me a compliment on it. It doesn’t make any difference which one I’m wearing, they all get plenty of attention.

Wood is also naturally anti-bacterial in nature as well as anti-fungal. This makes it ideal for anyone concerned about germs. There will never be any build-up of bacteria on a wooden watch. 

Environmentally speaking, trees grow at a rate of 1 foot per day, reaching maturity within 3 to 5 years. With this in mind you can be sure you would be making an environmentally friendly decision with a wooden watch.

Wood products driving exports in Sweden

The Swedish softwood lumber and planed product exports published by the Swedish Forest Industries Federation for November are 2.5% higher than the previous year’s level at a total of 1.066m m³. The decisive factor for this growth was an increase in planed products alone, rising more than 18% above the same month of the year before to 416,700 m³.

Euwid Wood

Best hypoallergenic watches

For those of you who have a metal allergy, finding the right wristwatch that doesn’t irritate your skin can be a real issue. This is our round-up of the best hypoallergenic watches to buy in 2016. It’s not all about highly priced watches either, I have only included watches that I have personally worn and verified reviews from owners of the watches.

One in seven may replace their watches this year, and it may be fancy smartwatches or fitness trackers, but we still believe a quality timepiece is an essential accessory.

So, whether you’re looking for a rugged look or a classic, slimline timepiece on a budget, your choice of watch says a lot about you. We have taken care to pick out the best hypoallergenic watches for 2016.


10) Seiko: SGG711, Titanium

Seiko-SGG711-Titanium Best hypoallergenic watches

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Priced from $150
4 stars from 45 reviews

  • Case Material: Titanium
  • General Design: Round black dial with day/date window, luminous hands, and Arabic hour markers
  • Case: 40 mm titanium with hardlex dial window
  • Movement: Japanese quartz with analog display
  • Strap: Three-link bracelet with fold-over clasp
  • Water resistant: 50 meters

Introducing our entry level hypoallergenic timepiece from Seiko. This watch is designed to complement your any sense of style. If you have a limited budget but want the quality feel of titanium, then you may want to consider the SGG771 Titanium Watch. It has a beautiful titanium case that is 37mm by 8mm, which is perfect for any men’s wrist. This watch starts at $150 and has numerous functions that more expensive watches have.

This watch has an elegant round face with a black dial, it has luminous hands and markers and a date aperture. The case is finished with a beautiful 20mm bracelet that has a fold-over clasp. The technology, quality, look and feel has given us reason to include this watch on our list.

9) WeWood: Kappa Nut Rough, Wood


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Priced from $179

4 Stars based on 55 Customers

  • Case: made from 100% Natural timber
  • Movement: Miyota Multi-function
  • Glass: Hardened, scratch-proof mineral
  • Band: 100% All-Natural Wood

WeWood has crafted this high quality all natural wooden watch that your friends will envy. The new Kappa Nut Rough is the best WeWood watch I have come across to date. I am impressed with the quality of WeWood watches, they are a well-known brand that designs their watches in Italy and makes them in Asia.

The Kappa Nut Rough comes in a lighter pale brown or a dark chocolate brown, sometime it will have a grey, purple, or reddish cast. This piece has a Japanese Miyota movement which details the day of the week, hours of the day and the date.

I chose to add the Kappa Nut Rough on our list because it is one of my favorite of the affordable watches on this list. It’s beautifully designed and I could not pass it up in this review. Being one of the newest watches on the block and considering the competition, I couldn’t give it a high ranking because we haven’t been able to fully test the reliability and quality. You can be assured that when you buy a wooden watch from WeWood, it has a decent weight, you will be sure to receive many complements while wearing this watch.

8) Skagen: 233XLTTN, Titanium

Skagen-233XLTTN-Titanium-Watch Best hypoallergenic watches

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Priced from $200

4 stars from 37 reviews

  • Case: 37 mm
  • Finish: Grey or Blue
  • Water Resistant: 3 ATM
  • Band: 22 mm
  • Movement: Japanese quartz

Introducing the Skagen 233XLTTN Titanium watch. If you’re on the market for a classy or intelligent design, but strapped for cash, this timepiece may suit your style. This watch has a round analog 37mm wide case, with a vibrant navy blue face and Arabic hour markings, luminous hands with military hours in the inner circle. The case is fused with a beautiful mesh bracelet with fold-over clasp. The blend of blue dial and beautifully polished silver-tone super thin case will definitely commend any dress code.

This watch is powered by a highly accurate and durable Japanese quartz movement. When you hold this watch you will feel like this watch is worth 2-3 times its actual value. I am well impressed with its build quality and have even given one of these as a gift to one of my closest friends.

The Skagen 233XLTTN Titanium watch was destined for this review. I could not place it any higher because of the competition, but it is a watch worthy to be here.

7) Citizen: EW0894-57D, Stainless Steel

Citizen Women's EW0894-57D Best hypoallergenic watches

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Priced from $450

4.5 stars from 65 reviews

  • Two-tone dress watch featuring diamond-set bezel, round mother-of-pearl dial with date window, and cabochon-capped crown
  • Case: 27mm
  • Movement: Japanese quartz with Eco Drive technology
  • Bracelet: Two tone stainless steel link bracelet with fold over clasp
  • Water resistant: 30 meters

The EW0894-57D is a beautifully designed watch by Citizen. It features amazing technology that charges it in natural or artificial light. Adorning this timepiece is conflict-free, single-cut diamonds. It has a two tone case and the bezel has been beautifully off set. Gold-tone hands and hour markers complete the sophisticated look of this feminine dress watch. Water resistant to 99 feet, the Riva also comes with a five-year warranty.

I really had no choice to put this watch on the list, my partner wears one every day. It is a beautifully designed watch that is a truly stunning accessory you can feel good about wearing. This watch is better looking in person than in pictures. The pearl face is more iridescent, the gold on the is more pronounced and the diamonds sparkle but are not glaring. It is enough to make it look like your every-day casual watch while also being somewhat dressed up.

6) Tense: Northwest Collection, Wood


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Priced from $189

5 Stars based on 27 Customers

  • Made by master Craftsman
  • Becomes better with age due to oils in skin
  • First multi-eyed wood watch in the world
  • Adjustable with small screwdriver

Tense is one of the best wood watch brands I have come across. Their craftsmanship shown by quality and mix of contemporary and sophisticated style. I am very impressed with this wooden watch, we are more than happy with the quality of this watch.

This is one of my favourites, although it may be one of the cheaper models on the market, I gave it extra points because it is right up there with some of my US$1000+ wristwatches.

The Northwest collection is incredibly light weight, with nice attention to detail and is very well worth the money. Compared to other wood watches I have had it is way out in front.

I have personally owned one of these watches for some time. I did have an issue with it early on, I have found it to be built from high quality material and the craftsmanship is up there with some of the bigger brands.

5) Citizen: Red Arrows, Titanium

Citizen-Red-Arrows-Titanium-Watch Best hypoallergenic watches

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Priced from $399

4.5 stars from 25 reviews

  • Strap: Titanium
  • Strap Type: Bracelet
  • Movement: Eco-Drive
  • Functions: Radio Controlled, World time, Perpetual Calendar, Slide Rule
  • Water resistance: 200 meters

Introducing the latest addition from Citizen’s Eco-drive collection, the Red Arrows Titanium. This watch is available in Titanium and Stainless Steel with a black leather strap with red trim. This timepiece has a perpetual calendar chronograph which is radio-controlled, displaying world times in 26 cities. This watch comes with a rotating inner slide rule bezel and an official Red Arrows Insignia on the back of the case.

I’ve always enjoyed the busy look of these watches, but at the same time worried their chunky nature would look like a giant clock strapped anyone’s arms. It’s not the perfect watch, it comes with a few minor niggles, but you will be absolutely thrilled with it.

4) Jacques Lemans: 1-1866C Classic Monaco, Ceramic

 Jacques-Lemans-1-1866C-Classic-Monaco-Ceramic Best hypoallergenic watches

Shop on Jacques Lemans
Priced from $599

4 stars from 7 reviews

  • Extra lightweight, durable
  • Movement: Quartz movement
  • Display: Analog
  • Water-resistant: 100 meters
  • Case: Multicolour ceramic rose gold plated stainless steel

Jacques Lemans is one of the leading watch producers, and they have produced this stunning timepiece. Based in Austria, Jacques Lemans sells their watches to over 120 countries.

These watches are now seen to be leading designs of high quality sport watches, using high quality materials like Japanese or Swiss Automatic and Quartz movements, high grade leather and solid stainless steel straps for great quality and long lasting wear. Jacques Lemans watches are available in carefully selected shops worldwide. Their collections range from Sport, Rome, Formula One to ‘La Passion’. Each watch being even more unique and different to the next.

3) U-Boat: 7094 Flightdeck, Ceramic

U-Boat-7094-Flightdeck-Ceramic Best hypoallergenic watches

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Priced from $5000

4 Stars from 10 reviews

  • Case: 50mm black ceramic
  • Internal: Steel
  • Display: Hours, minutes, second hand chronograph counters, date window
  • Glass: Scratch proof sapphire
  • Arabic numbers; hyper allergenic rubber and brown gold alligator inset buckle strap
  • Water resistant:  100 meters

You will definitely love the simplicity of this watch. Striking example of the modern watchmaker’s skills. This timepiece combines ceramic and alligator leather to produce a contemporary and masculine look. This timepiece is the finest U-Boat men’s watch I have come across.

The date and time of this timepiece is easily readable and the watch has enough weight to imply quality. The natural leather strap is really soft and feels great on the skin. This timepiece has chronograph minutes, seconds, and hours. You will love the simplicity of this unique watch, it is a brilliant example of modern watchmaking.  

2) Chanel: J12 H1628, Ceramic

CHANEL-J12-H1628-Ceramic-watch Best hypoallergenic watches

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Priced from $4999

5 stars from 5 reviews

  • Case Diameter: 33mm
  • Case Material : Ceramic 
  • Dial Colour: White Movement 
  • Movement : Quartz 
  • Clasp: Triple Folding
  • Glass: Sapphire Crystal
  • Strap Type: Bracelet 
  • Water Resistance: 200 meters

The birth of this Chanel can be traced all the way back to 1883 when Gabrielle Chanel was born. Opening her first shop in 1910, and ever since then Chanel has been at the fashion forefront.

As soon as I saw this watch I fell in love. It’s easy to read, I did find it a little confusing at first when trying to set the time, but after that there were no problems. The standard size of this watch strap is fairly big, so you may need to take it to a jeweller to resize it.

The J12 series of watches made ceramic a new status of being ‘haute couture’. Ceramic, titanium and diamond powder have been used to make this striking watch. This durable timepiece looks fantastic at the gym, swimming, at work or on a night out. You will love the depth and dimensions of style on these watches.

1) Hublot: Big Bang Aero, Carbon

Best hypoallergenic watches

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Priced from $20,000

5 stars from 3 reviews

  • Movement: Swiss made self-winding automatic
  • Case: Carbon Fibre
  • Glass: Anti-reflective sapphire crystal
  • Strap: Black Smooth rubber
  • Functions: Chronograph & Date
  • Power reserve: up to 42 hours
  • Water resistance: 100 meters
  • Case Diamensions: 44mm in diameter and 15mm thickness
  • Black skeleton dial, luminous hands and markers

The top watch in our selection is the bold and brave Big Bang Aero from Hublot. Around 2004 Hublot was reborn with the Big Bang. In a way the name of the watch collection is appropriate for what it did to the brand. Hublot as a company was almost on the way out, until Jean-Claude Biver took over the company. He took on the challenge and hit main priority was to offer sport watches with variety and character.

Few colours are so interwoven with symbolism as black. The shade of this watch is inextricably linked with mystery and depth. When you put this watch on it feels stealth-like it and hidden from view. This watch is a symbol of change, desire and the future. You will not be disappointed with this timepiece.  



35 of the worlds most expensive watches

We have all been there, experiencing sticker shock. However, nothing has shocked us more while researching this article. In this series we will be making our way through 35 (or a whopping $164Million worth) of the world’s most expensive timepieces.

It’s suprising to know that we have found a number of brands which six-figure price tags are the norm. Starting with sub-$1Milllion pieces, we will work our way up to the world’s most expensive watch, which is in excess of $55Million. 

View Gallery: Worlds most expensive watches



Valerii Danevych: Retrograde Wooden


Price : $196,000.00

Damecych has come from a long line of craftsmen, he has had no watchmaking training. After many years of studying the mechanical aspects of watches, he has crafted his first fully-functioning wooden watch. The pure wood watch mad from timber by Danevych took time to take shape, with each of his unique wood wristwatches showcasing beauty and the ultimate craftsmanship. Using truly exotic types of wood to create the fine details. Functionality has been the basic principal to the watch, he has used birch wood for strength and reliability. 

Rolex: Submariner


Visit Rolex 
Price : $234,000.00

The Submariner was not the first water-resistant watch, or even Rolex’s first water-resistant watches. Hans Wilsdorf who founded Rolex in the early 1900s, was focused on a simple point of difference:  making solid, accurate watches for the average person. In the early days his watches were affordable, sold in large numbers and did the job they were supposed to do. Rolex in the early days was the world’s reliable watch for the masses, and that’s what Wilsdorf provided.

The Rolex Submariner has come from a line of sports watches made by Rolex that have been designed for diving. These watches are known for their water and corrosion resistance. The Submariner was introduced in 1954 and has been considered “a classic among wristwatches” created by one of the worlds most recognised luxury brands.

Patek Philippe: Split Seconds (5370)


Visit Patek Philippe 
Price : $260,000.00

The 5370 is an interesting synergy of innovation. It utilizes the calibre CH 29-535 PS that the brand released in 2009 with a manually wound column wheel horizontal clutch. Patek Philippe breathes new life into a watch that was released in the 1920’s. The beautiful 5370, showcases a split-seconds chronograph in a sleekly curving case and with a black dial. The 5370 by Patek Philippe watch is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful watches of 2015.

Greubel Forsey: Signature 1


Visit Greubel Forsey 
Price : $350,000.00

Introducing the Signature 1, this is the first watch in a new line made between Greubel Forsey and independent watchmakers. The Signature 1 is part of a project led by Didier J.G. Cretin.

Cretin has been a partner of Greubel Forsey for a long time. He has produced a manually wound three-hands watch, this also happens to be the first ever at Greubel Forsey. The Signature 1 is limited to only 33 pieces in gold, platinum, and steel.

Girard-Perregaux: Cat’s Eye Tourbillon


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Price : $500,000.00

The Cat’s Eye Tourbillion has been crafted by world renowned watchmaking firm Girard-Perregaux. The watches dial is hand built from mother of pearl, showcasing the watchmaker’s expertise in producing this brilliant watch. The watch also features more than 1,000 diamonds cased in white gold.  Completing this amazing timepiece, a unique rose-cut diamond has been placed on the crown of the watch.

Rolex: GMT Master II Men’s Diamond Ice


Discover Rolex 
Price : $500,000.00

This is the most expensive Rolex wristwatch to date. Brad Pitt and David Beckham are among the lucky few to own one of these beautiful watches. This unique watch showcases a white gold case and bracelet crusted with diamonds. The watches face has specked precious stones, the dial of the watch is diamond wave with dotted markers. The glass has been made from scratch resistant sapphire crystal. 

Piaget Limelight: Party Disco Ball


Price : $540,000.00

The Party Disco Ball is made from a number of 18K white gold spheres. This watch is so unique that it is hard to tell the time if you are not wearing it, the dials blend with the watch’s hue making them hard to see from specific angles. This wristwatch is more of a household ornament than a watch.

Piaget Limelight have created a unique work that showcases true watch craftsmanship. This uniquely shaped watch is covered in diamonds, which are angled to reflect light in all directions just like a disco ball.


Cartier Masse: Secret Panther Decor


Visit Cartier Masse
Price : $600,000.00

Introducing the Secret Panther Décor by Cartier Masse, their most well-known watch.

The movement has been created to make the three-dimensional panther look as if is stalking prey. There is a panther prowling inside the bezel, set with a black mother-of-pearl dial.  To make this watch even more valuable, there is 633 diamonds encrusted around the bezel. Not only this, but the 18k white gold case is also covered in diamonds.

Chanel: J12 Haute Joaillerie


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Price : $700,000.00

The J12 Haute Joaillerie by Chanel is the result of the exceptional setting techniques performed in the workshops of La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland. This watch has a total of 5976 baguette diamonds, that have been used to decorate the face.

The dial, bracelet, and the indexes makes this watch unique because they have been crafted from high grade, scratch-proof ceramic, enhancing the vibrancy and allure of the diamonds. This watch comes in two colours, black and white. You can be assured that no expense has been spared when creating this elegant timepiece.

Audemars Pigue: Royal Oak Grande Complication


Visit Audemars-Piguet
Price : $741,000.00

Introducing the Royal Oak Offshore Grand Complication from Audemars Pigue. This limited edition three piece timepiece comes in titanium and ceramic. Featuring the massive Movement (AP calibre) 2885, with split-seconds. The golden rotor has been finished to match the sleek grey titanium case. The Movement is 31.60mm wide and 8.55mm thick, requiring all that space which comprises a total of 648 parts.

This incredible piece of watchmaking is rated to 20 meter water resistance and comes on a black rubber strap with a titanium buckle – essentially making this an incredibly wearable grand complication.

The repeater’s hammers combine a mirror finish so fine that “a glance could scratch it” with bevelling on both the interior and exterior angles.

Genghis Khan: Ulysse Nardin Minute Repeater


Price : $750,000.00

Introducing the Minute Repeater by Genghis Khan.

A clear example of true watch craftsmanship from the world renowned Swiss maker Ulysse Nardin. It is obvious to see this is a special piece as soon as you see the gorgeous hand-carved 18K rose gold figures depicted on the black onyx dial.

The Minute Repeater is defined by the novel tourbillon displayed at 6 o’clock that defies the effects of gravity on the movement. The stylish, highly-legible and partially open-worked onyx dial, features brilliant hands and graffiti background. The case is made of platinum while the strap is made from black alligator leather.

Vacheron Constantin: Kalla Lune


Visit Vacheron-Constantin
Price : $800,000.00

Veering away from conventional watch construction, This Gold Ladies watch has fixed bezel set with 826 baguette-cut diamonds, 23 brilliant-cut diamonds, and one rose-cut diamond for the crown. (only) 170 of the diamonds cover the face of the dial, featuring the power reserve and moon phase indicators.

All the diamonds are set in 18k gold. Apart from the diamond gems, this piece also includes 22 rubies. Completing this beautiful watch is strap made of alligator leather.

Breguet: Marie Antoinette


Visit Breguet
Price : $1,000,000.00

The Marie-Antoinette is a case watch designed by Swiss watchmaker Abraham-Louis Breguet. Said to have been fascinated by Breguet’s watches, Marie-Antoinette acquired over the years a number of his timepieces, notably a perpétuelle fitted with a self-winding mechanism. Work on the watch was begun in 1782 and completed by Breguet’s son in 1827, four years after Breguet’s death.

In 1783, a mysterious admirer of hers ordered from Breguet, as a gift for the Queen, a watch that was to be as spectacular as possible. When this watch was ordered, the instructions set that wherever possible, gold should replace metals and auxiliary mecha¬nisms should be as numerous and varied as possible. This piece is one of the most complicated yet admirable watches in existence.

Roger Dubuis: Excalibur Quatuor


Visit Roger Dubuis
Price : $1,100,000.00

Roger Dubuis was founded by Carlos Dias and Roger Dubuis in Geneva. This watch has been made from Silicon to ensure this watch is uniquely low in weight and is durable, Silicon is half the weight of titanium, which is still half that of steel, yet 4 times harder.

Despite each piece taking over 2,400 hours to create and the amazing price tag, Roger Dubuis plans to create and other 35-40 more pieces each year. To prove this is not just a one off piece, Roger Dubuis has created a Limited Edition (188) technical model, in black DLC treated titanium.

Roger Dubuis has used many specialists who use advanced techniques to produce this case in a metallic crystal. The Quatuor has become much more than a talking piece, the first piece arrived on time and the owners of the three pieces in silicon collected them up in December 2013.

Greubel Forsey: Art Piece 1


Visit Greubel Forsey
Price : $1,500,000.00

Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey of Greubel Forsey who are known for their innovative and stunning multi-tourbillon watches have created the beautiful Art Piece 1.

They joined forces with artist Willard Wigan, to craft the beautiful Greubel Forsey Art Piece 1. This unique piece has a 30 degree dual tourbillon, and showcases a microsculpture the owner can see through a magnifier on the crown.

Jaeger-LeCoultre’s: Hybris Mechanica à Grande Sonnerie


Visit Jaeger Lecoultre
Price : $1,500,000.00

Introducing the Hybris Mechanica à Grande Sonnerie, this amazing timepiece has been made by Jaeger-LeCoultre.

While crafting this beautiful watch, Jaeger‑LeCoultre completely redesigned the idea of the minute repeater. This timepiece has over 1472 parts and is one of the most complex watches ever made.

Patek Philippe: Sky Moon Tourbillon Ref 6002


Visit Patek Philippe
Price : $1,500,000.00

Patek Philippe has crafted this brilliant watch, the Sky Moon Tourbillon 6002. This timepiece is based on the original Sky Moon Tourbillon. It contains the same technicalities, what really makes this watch different from all other timepieces from Patek Philippe is the way the watch has been decorated with ornaments.

This watch has a repeater with two gongs and tourbillon. The main dial has the standard time, a perpetual calendar, and the moon phases. On the other side of the watch, there is another dial showing a map of the northern sky and stellar time, it even shows the angular progression and phases of the moon. This timepiece is possibly one of the most elegant watches you will ever see.

Vacheron Constatin: Tour de I’lle


Discover Tour de I’lle
Price : $1,550,000.00

The Vacheron Constantin Tour de l’Ile is one of my favorite watches.

The watch was released on Vacheron Constantin’s 250th anniversary in 2005 priced at $1.5 Million. The watch is a limited edition with only 7 produced in the world, being one of the most complicated double face watch. The Tour de l’Ile has a minute repeater, two timezones, perpetual calendar, sunset time, and a tourbillion device.

Patek Philippe: Reference 1563 Split-Second Chronograph


Visit Patek Philippe
Price : $1,572,789.00

The Reference 1563, Split-Second Chronograph was created in 1947 by Patek Philippe. This brilliant timepiece was sold in 1950, and is only one of three that are known to exist.

The design of this piece is based on the 1436, this watch comes in a waterproof screw-in case with a bi-compax chronograph. The difference between the 1436 and the 1563, is the added feature of the complicated mechanism, the split-seconds chronograph. This mechanism is one of the most complicated and difficult to assemble.

Blancpain Tourbillon: Diamants


Visit Blancpain
Price : $1,800,000.00

Introducing the beautiful Diamants made by Blancpain Tourbillion, this is one of the rarest timepieces you can get your hands on.

This watch has a total of 480 baguette-cut diamonds that decorate this hand crafted wristwatch. These precious stones cover the bracelet, bezel, and the case and are layered like a brick wall. The waterproof case and bracelet are crafted from white gold with the glass on the face being made with sapphire crystal.

Richard Mille: RM 56-01


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Price : $1,850,000.00

The RM 56-01 made by Richard Mille made its first appearance in 2013 at SIHH.

This amazing watch is not a surprise that it has been created by Richard Mille, they also make a watch more expensive than this. Making this timepiece even more special is its casing, which has been made entirely from sapphire. Some of the top watches are made from plated gold and glass, sapphire is ultimately unique and make it look like an old see-through MAC PC.

Richard Mille: Tourbillon RM 56-02 Sapphire


Visit Richard Mille
Price $2,000,000.00

Richard Mille does it again with the 56-03 Sapphire.

This watch is about two main innovations: first, the unprecedented use of sapphire to create transparent components and second, the cable and pulley system that suspends the movement from the sapphire case. The case, front bezel, case-band and back bezel are all produced from solid sapphire. The base plate of the watch has been finished in titanium which is a corrosion resistant and remarkably rigid alloy, enabling the gear train to function flawlessly.

A. Lange & Söhne: Grand Complication Timepiece


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Price : $2,100,000.00

One of the most complicated timepieces ever made is the Grand Complication Timepiece by A. Lange & Söhne.

This timepiece has 876 hand-wrought parts, seven complications and 14 functions, a function is anything that performs a task. There will only be six pieces available for sale. This watch has a 50mm diameter and over 20mm thick rose gold case with the movement being 40mm across. The grand Complication’s movement is a split-seconds chronograph with a foudroyant, or flying seconds at 6 o’clock, just to perform these tasks 248 components have been used.

Patek Philippe: Reference 3448


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Price : $2,338,219.00

Making its first appearance in 1962, the Reference 3448 made by Patek Philippe was the first automatic calendar wristwatch ever made.

Only 586 pieces of this watch was ever made, over a total span of 20 years and the majority of the production was cased in yellow gold. In 1981 Patek stopped producing the 3448 and replaced it with a slightly updated version, the 3450.

Patek Philippe: The Grandmaster Chime


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Price : $2,600,000.00

The Grandmaster Chime made by Patek Philippe & Co. The Grandmaster Chime is said to be the world’s most complicated watch. It is a wristwatch-format of absolutely unprecedented complexity.

The case of this piece has a diameter of 47 mm, it has four spring barrels and 20 complications, including a Grande and Petite Sonnerie, a minute repeater, an instantaneous perpetual calendar, a second time zone, an audible alarm and a date repeater that sounds the date on demand.

Cartier Secret: Phoenix


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Price : $2,700,000.00

Bold, brave, and totally out of the box, this fine piece from Cartier is just something that is hard to describe.

More than just a timepiece, the finely crafted phoenix conceals the dial, which makes the watch seem more like a bracelet. A total of 3,010 brilliant-cut diamonds are set in 18-karat rhodium-plated white gold. Precious emeralds act as the phoenix’s eyes.

Franck Muller: Aeternitas Mega 4


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Price : $2,700,000.00

The Franck Muller Aeternitas Mega 4 is also considered as the most complicated wristwatch in the world.

Featuring 36 complications with more than 1,483 individual components. The Aeternitas Mega is the pinnacle in the art of watches in terms of complexity and complications. Every single piece of the 1,483 components, has been designed to give the watch an elegant design traditions of the old cadraturiers mechanisms.

Piaget Emperador: Temple


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Price : $3,500,000.00

The Piaget Emperador Temple timepiece was a specially commissioned watch. It is two watches built into a bracelet set with 481 brilliant-cut diamonds, 207 baguette-cut diamonds, and one emerald-cut diamond in this magnificent timepiece.

360 of the diamonds have been set in the bracelet and the rest of the diamonds have been placed on the bezel and dial. Making this watch even more unique is the secret watch which has been hidden underneath the first one. Open it up, and you will see 162 brilliant-cut diamonds and 11 baguette-cut diamonds in the inside.

Louis Moniet: Meteoris


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Price : $4,600,000.00

Including this watch in the list is technically cheating, the Louis Moinet Meteoris is actually a set of four tourbillon watches which are only sold as a set.

Each watch has dials made from materials that aren’t from this planet. This includes materials such as meteorite from Mars, the moon and an asteroid. When you purchase the Meteoris set, you will receive a planetarium that displays our solar system.

Hublot: Big Bang


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Price : $5,000,000.00

The one-of-a-kind Big Bang, is famously known as the watch Beyoncé gave to her husband Jay-Z, on his 43rd birthday.

This masculine timepiece took the expertise of 12 master cutters, 5 stone setters and over 14 months of labor to produce. Comprising 1,282 diamonds which have been carefully selected to form a design that mimics the concept of the Big Bang.

Patek Philippe: Caliber 89


Discover Calibre 89
Price : $5,500,000.00

The Patek Philippe Calibre 89 is a timepiece fit for a King, it is a commemorative watch created in 1989, to celebrate the company’s 150th anniversary. This piece has more than thirty complications, weighs 1.1 kg, and has 24 hands and 1,728 components in total, including a thermometer and a star chart.

The Caliber 89 was the most complicated mechanical watch at its time of construction. The Calibre 89 was built as a four-piece series of pocket watches, only four pieces were ever made. Each unique piece was made in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum.


Patek Philippe: 1928 single button chronograph


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Price : $7,600,000.00

This is the only known surviving example of a single button chronograph in white gold from the house of Patek Philippe. Produced in 1928, the Single Button Chronograph Watch is made from 18 carat pure white gold and the dial of Philippe 1928 was designed with silver matte.

Patek Philippe: Supercomplication


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Price : $24,000,000.00

This famous watch is the product of the rivalry between two moguls to produce the most complicated timepiece ever made. Banker Henry Graves and automobile magnate James Ward Packard both share their interests in watch making. Commissioned in 1925 and was finally delivered in 1933 this watch is the result of both men’s desire for perfection. 

The $24 million price tag of Super Complication isn’t really a testament to its real value, but rather a testament to the appeal in fantasy of the unattainable and the unique. Some lucky fancier of fine timepieces has ultimate trophy in their collection. This is the world’s most famous watch, the Patek Philippe Super Complication.

Chopard: 210 karat


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Price : $26,000,000.00

Introducing the 210 Karat by Chopard, there is no public listing of the actual price of this item but it’s valued to be over $26 million.

Chopard is a Swiss-based luxury watch company founded in 1860. This timepiece is adorned with a 15-carat pink diamond, 12-carat blue diamond and an 11-carat white diamond. This watch also has 163 carats of white and yellow diamonds, bringing the total to 210 carats of diamonds. Technically this is a piece of jewellery before being a timepiece, this watch is more suited to royalty and princesses.

Graff Diamonds: Hallucination


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Price : $55,000,000.00

Graff Diamonds is a British jeweller based in London, their Hallucination watch is a sculptural masterpiece rather than a watch. This value of this unusual timepiece’s does not come from its age or complications, but the value comes from the rare multi-coloured diamonds which adorns this piece.

Topping off the list at the world most expensive watches is the Hallucination by Graff Diamonds. This watch is famous for its hand crafted jewels, featuring unprecedented kaleidoscope of over 110cts of extremely rare coloured diamonds. As far as we can tell, this multi-coloured diamond timepiece is the most valuable watch ever created.

Best Wood Watches for 2016

best wood watches - woodmafia watches

Wood watches have become the latest eco-trend to hit the market. Over the years many watch companies have started to make wood watches from timber. I have tried and tested many different brands of wood watches, I am now sharing my review of woodwatches for 2016.

Some of the best watches in my selection may surprise you, from cheap and cheerful Chinese models, all the way to a watch that every moving part (apart from the spring) is made from wood! I hope you enjoy this review. If you have any feedback, please do not hesitate to comment.



10) Bewell: Red Sandal

Bewell 10 best wood watch

Visit Bewell
Priced from: $59.00
4 Stars based on 45 Customers

Bewell Red Sandal watch features

  • Outer Case: 100% All-Natural Wood
  • Case Diameter:45mm
  • Case Thickness: 13mm
  • Band Width: 25m
  • Band Length: 195mm with Adjustable Links
  • Clasp: Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 67gram
  • Movement: Japanese Miyota Quartz

It was a hard decision to place Bewell on our review. Their watches incorporate great design at an affordable price. Bewell is more of a manufacturer in china than a watch brand. I’ve had Bewell watches in the office for some time, and enjoy their simplistic approach to wooden watches. Some of their watches lack the finer details, but the Red Sandal from Bewell is the best from their wide range of mass produced wooden watches. This is a great watch, it has been built well and has everything you need from a basic wooden watch. The only major problem with this watch is the cheaply made clasp.

9) Original Grain: The Barrel

Original Grain 9 best wooden watch

Shop with Original Grain
Priced from: $129.00
4 Stars based on 24 Customers

Origional Grain The Barrell watch features

  • Outer Case: Reclaimed American Oak Whiskey Barrel Wood
  • Movement: Japanese Miyota Quartz
  • Face: 47mm
  • Glass: Hardened Mineral Crystal Glass (Scratch Resistant)
  • Band: 24mm Stainless Steel Band with Exotic Wood Inlay

Introducing the Barrel from Original Grain, this watch had to go on our review. This is their first timepiece that is crafted from reclaimed whiskey barrel. The collection this watch is included in consists of a variety of exotic hardwoods built with inlaid stainless steel band and case. The Barrel is a unique watch that watch lovers will appreciate. This watch has the added benefit of a first of a kind Apple Watch adapter.

Now lovers of digital and analog technology can have a classic timepiece and the Apple Watch in one! The Barrel is a great timepiece for anyone after an affordable watch made from Wood. This watch is a beautiful balance of wood and metal. I find the style and quality of the watch to be average. For the price point of $129, you couldn’t expect the watch to be as precise as some of the top brands. Still, this is a very good watch for the price.

8) WeWood: Kappa Nut Rough

WeWOOD-Kappa-Nut-Best watches made from wood for 2016

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Priced from: $179.00
4 Stars based on 55 Customers

WeWood Kappa Nut Rough watch features

  • Outer Case: 100% Natural Wood
  • Hypo-allergenic, completely free of toxic chemicals
  • Movement: Miyota Multi-function
  • Glass: Hardened, scratch-proof mineral
  • Band: 100% All-Natural Wood

Introducing all new Kappa Nut Natural, this is one of the best watches from WeWood that I have come across to date. WeWood is a well-known brand that designs their watches in Italy and supposedly makes them in Europe. Some sources have proven their watches are made in China, but we will leave that discussion for another day. The Kappa Nut Natural incorporates a Miyota movement which details the day of the week, hours of the day and the date. This watch is made from unfinished Walnut and ‘usually’ comes from Eastern Europe and Western Asia (we believe the latter).

This watch can come in a lighter pale brown to a dark chocolate brown. This watch sometimes will have a grey, purple, or reddish cast. The Kappa Nut Rough is a beautifully designed watch that we could not pass up for this review. This watch is one of the newest wooden watches on the block, we didn’t give it a high ranking because we haven’t been able to fully test the reliability and quality. It feels well built, and has a decent weight. However, since the watch is so new, there is a lack of feedback on this watch from verified customers.

7) Jesús 4lonso: MX

Jesus-4lonso-MX-Best wood Watches for 2016

Priced from: $3,999.00
3 Stars based on 1 Customer

Elegant craftsmanship meets the digital age thanks to Mexican designer Jesús 4lonso and his wooden watches. Avoiding unnecessary functionality for his watches that are more like a sculpture than a wristwatch. These elusive timepieces are made by Jesús are very hard to come by. I have been trying to get hold of one of these pieces for a long time.

After many, many hours of research, I concur, these timepieces need to be in this review. Simply because they take it to the next level. Unfortunately I was unable to source anyone who had even touched one of these amazing timepieces. It may seem detrimental by listing a watch on this list that I couldn’t source or handle first-hand. However, I believe these time pieces are worth taking note of. I couldn’t put them high up the chart because no one I know has physically touched one, but they do have some very good reviews online.

6) Jord: Frankie Series

jord-Frankie-Series-Best for 2016

Shop with Jord
Priced from: $179.00
5 Stars based on 16 Customers

Jord Frankie watch features

  • Movement: Quartz Swiss Ronda Normtech Caliber 763
  • Display: hours – minutes – seconds
  • Accuracy: -10/+20 seconds /mo
  • Battery: silver oxide No.364 (equiv)
  • Drive system: 2-pole stepping motor

The Frankie Series of watches from Jord is a prime example of a low-to mid priced wood watch that ticks most of the boxes in the best of watches made from wood. Needless to say, this watch will make the perfect gift for anyone. When receiving this watch, you will notice how luxurious the packaging and presentation is. The wooden box this watch came in is a work of art, with its quality pillow inside The Frankie Series Wooden Watch has to be our top pic from Jord.

This watch is incredibly unique, stylish, and a steal for the amount of craftsmanship, and quality this watch provides. I gave this watch a high ranking and included it in our review because I found this watch to be very well crafted, it received many complements and with such a reasonable price point. I believe this watch is one of the top examples of a wooden watch on the market. The only reason it was not higher in the chart, is because the competition gets very difficult from here in.

5) Nixon: Rotolog 35mm

Nixon-Rotolog-35mm-Best for 2016

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Priced from: $439.00
4.5 Stars based on 45 Customers

Nixon Rotolog watch features

  • Contemporary jewellery-like appearance with inlayed wood inspired by mid-century furniture and style
  • Direct drive quartz movement with rotating hour/minute discs and printed numbers and indices
  • Stainless steel top finish with etched Nixon logo and pusher-activated LED light
  • Tapered stainless steel 2-link bracelet with inlays of wood, bamboo or enamel and butterfly clasp

Nixon has been on the cutting edge of watch fashion since they began. Men for whatever reason have a fascination with wood and Nixon has taken to the charm of wood as well. The Rotolog is simple, contemporary and showcases the beauty of wood. The Rotolog is a brilliant example of a well-designed and beautifully made timepiece at the right price.

The only major downside of this watch is that it’s a hybrid of wood and metal. I couldn’t place this watch in our #1 spot for this reason. The Rotolog is the perfect balance of craftsmanship, quality and priced very reasonably too. Reviewing this watch felt like taking a step back in time, where quality and style of this watch is uncompromised.

4) Tense: Northwest Collection

Tense-Northwest-Collection-Best Wood Watches for 2016

Shop with Tense
Priced from: $189.00
5 Stars based on 27 Customers

Tense Northwest watch features

  • Made by master Craftsman
  • Becomes better with age due to oils in skin
  • First multi-eyed wood watch in the world
  • Adjustable with small screwdriver
  • 2 year warranty from Tense

Tense is one of the better watch brands I have come across. Their craftsmanship is proven by the quality and mix of contemporary and sophisticated style. I am impressed with this watch, and for such an affordable price point, we are more than happy with the quality of this watch.

This is one of my favourite watches, although it may be one of the cheaper models on the market, I am proud to wear this watch alongside some of my US$1000+ wristwatches. I have personally owned one of these watches for some time. I did have an issue with it early on, I have found it to be built from high quality material and the craftsmanship is up there with some of the bigger brands.

3) Valerii Danevych: Retrograde Wooden


Priced from: $196,000.00
5 Stars based on 1 Customer

Valerii Danevych Retrograde watch features

  • Outer Case Dimensions: 46mm wide and 18mm thick.
  • Outer Case Material: 100% Wood, hornbeam, apple, birch and bamboo
  • Movement: 36mm x 13mm
  • Number of parts: 188

This pure wood watch from Danevych took time to take shape. Damecych comes from a line of craftsmen, had no watchmaking training, but after many years of studying the mechanical aspects of watches, he has crafted his first fully-functioning wooden watch. Each of his unique wooden wristwatches showcase beauty and the ultimate craftsmanship. Using exotic flavours of wood to create the finer details. Functionality is the underlying principal to the design, he has used birch for strength and reliability.

Unfortunately I was unable to get my hands on this watch model. These watches are very elusive, and only the very elite are able to afford to get their hands on such and elegant timepiece. Fortunately I was able to find someone who’s had the pleasure of handling this timepiece. My review is based from first-hand experience of an independent reviewer, and many hours of digital research. Unfortunately I couldn’t give this watch the top spot. The limited availability, market and affordability has put this watch out of the reach from the general consumer.

2) Grovemade: Walnut


Shop with Grovemade
Priced from $239.00
4.5 Stars based on 23 Customers

Grovemade Walnut watch features

  • Finish: Hand sanded and finished with vegetable-based oil
  • Movement: Miyota quartz 5Y26
  • Materials: Domestic Vegetable-Tanned Leather Strap, Stainless Steel
  • Diamensions: Thickness: 0.39″, Diameter: 1.58″,

The Grovemade Walnut Watch almost has no competition. This watch is crafted in either Oregon Claro Walnut or Eastern Hard rock Maple. This watches face has 12 windows displaying standard clock points, and coloured hands reveals the current hour and minute. This watch is built with a stainless steel core and vegetable tanned leather straps. I have fallen in love with this wooden watch and wish I could accept this as the number one watch, unfortunately there is always something else on the horizon.

1) Cocuzzi: Number 05

Discover Cocuzzi
Priced from: $3,500.00
5 Stars based on 3 Customers

Cocuzzi Number 05 watch features

  • Outer Case: Solid wood containing a second brass machined case
  • Movement: Swiss ETA 251.272
  • Number of parts: 61 excluding the movement
  • Bezel: Solid wood installed on a brass machined support
  • Face: Sapphire Crystal Bombè
  • Counters: Inlayed in wood
  • Index: Type stick with pins
  • Hands: Screw chrome
  • All parts are Swiss Made. Serial number engraved on the back in gold.

Now you have it, the number one wood watch today. The Calcuzzi watches are a celebration of beauty, contemporary art and functionality. I have fallen for Cocuzzi wooden watches. They are characterised by the Italian designer’s eye for detail. The watchstrap is made from wood that undergoes a series of treatments to make the watch strap durable and 100% water proof.

The strap is polished to bring out the grain and colour of the natural wood, making each watch individual and unique. Cocuzzi has proven to be the leading watch manufacture by making high quality watches. I am blown away by the quality and craftsmanship of these watches. Considering the watch has a price tag to go along with it. Upon first inspection of this watch, it was hard to put down. The Cocuzzi Number 5 is by far the leading wooden timepiece in my books.

18 reasons you should buy a wood watch

Watches have always been a “nice-to-have” accessory, not a “must-have” and now watches made from wood may provide that reason you have been looking for. Prices can range from $149 to over $4,000 if you buy a high end wood watch. While Wood Watches do look different, and grab lot of attention, so we decided to compile a top list of reasons people choose to wear watches made from wood.  

1) They are Unique

No two watches made from timber are the same

reasons you should buy a wood watch
One of the best features of a wood watch, is how they’re all different. Every wooden watch is unique not just because it is handmade, but it’s because working with wood, it is impossible to make two pieces look the same. When you purchase a Wood Watch, although it may be from the same production, the watch you purchase will be crafted using different parts of the wood, creating a variance in the grain and hue.

2) Eco-friendly

They are made from one of the most renewable sources we have: Wood! eco-friendly-reasons-you-should-buy-a-wood-watch
Wood is a brilliant resource, it is renewable and grows naturally all around the world, and there simply is no shortage of wood. Depending on the type of wood you use, there is a variety of hardwood, softwood and even bamboo resources available. Bamboo is one of the best resources for making wood watches, it is strong, grows fast and has a low carbon footprint. Wood requires less energy to process when creating products from it. If you didn’t know it already: wood absorbs carbon dioxide from the air, therefore by wearing a wood watch, you are removing chemicals from the air.

3) Rare

How many people do you know with a wood watch?

We’ll have to agree, its fun wearing something that is out of the ordinary and very unique. We have found that many times people say something like: “That watch looks like wood.” And then they realise that it actually is wood. The best part is, your watch is unique, and each watch has a slightly different colour and tiny changes in the grain means, that no one else will have a wood watch just like yours.

4) 100% Chic

This is fairly obvious, but it’s true. We guarantee that if you purchase a Wood Watch, you will get many complementary questions, compared to wearing a standard metal watch.

5) Made from Recycled Wood

Any recycled or reclaimed wood that is used for our watches, has been carefully selected for quality and sustainability. This is a very important point to make; Wood Watches are primarily made from recycled wood. This is because there is an abundance of wood thrown away each year, we source only the best wood off-cuts, or reclaimed wood for a fraction of the cost.

6) 100% Natural Wood

This is the most obvious point we can make: Wood Watches are made from wood! natural-wood-reasons-you-should-buy-a-wood-watch
Our craftsmen and women take their time when selecting the raw product used in our watches, this is not just to ensure the end product looks good, while making sure the product is natural and won’t harm the customer.

7) Chemical and Toxin-Free

When selecting any type of Wood that will be used in close contact with skin, it is imperative to test it and make sure it is chemical and toxin free. Unlike some Wood Watch companies, we make sure that all the wood in our production process, has been tested to comply with international standards.

8) Hypoallergenic

If you’re having issues with metal against your skin, wood watches are the perfect alternative Hypoallergenic-reasons-you-should-buy-a-wood-watch
Wood Watches are perfect for people with skin conditions and allergies. Many people choose Wood Watches because they cannot wear standard watches. If you choose to purchase a 100% Wood Watch, you can be rest assured, you will be able to wear your watch without fear of breaking out.

9) Nickel-Free

Nickel allergies are very frustrating, especially if you would like to wear a watch but you can’t because you fear a break out. Wood Watches have a wooden plate on the back, this is in contrast to most watches which have a standard metal plate on the back. With a WoodMafia 100% Wood Watch, you no longer have to worry about an allergic reaction. If you know anyone who is unable to wear a watch, let them know about WoodMafia, or even buy a wood watch as a gift.

10) Did you know? The traditional gift the a 5th Wedding Anniversary is Wood!

We have just solved problem of finding that perfect 5-year anniversary gift with a Wood Watch! There is no need to give a chopping board, wooden spoon or plaque. It’s time to give something a little different, stylish and unique.

11) They age well

Unlike the owners, they just get better with age
Wood is an amazing material, its colours and textures improve over time. As soon as you put on your Watch, the skins natural oils gradually change the wood. If you have ever seen a 5-year old Wood watch, you will be amazed at how it looks. Unlike plastic and metal watches that wear down over time, wood watches age beautifully.

12) Durable and Lightweight

Wood is one of the lightest and most durable materials on earth lightweight-durable-reasons-you-should-buy-a-wood-watch
As soon as you put on a Wood Watch, you will notice how comfortable it is compared to metal or plastic watches. It may not seem like a bit issue, but metal watches are surprisingly heavy. If you’re always at work, you will notice the weight can put unnecessary strain on your arm. Wood watches generally weigh half of a standard metal watch.

13) They go with Anything!

It doesn’t matter what you are wearing or where you are going, wood watches always look good. Unlike metal watches, which normally are worn to dress up, or plastic watches which are worn for recreation. Wood Watches can be worn almost anywhere, or with just about anything. Wood has an amazing colour and texture, it can be worn just about anywhere and since it’s natural, it looks great. It does not matter if you are out in a bar, on the beach, at work or in a suit. You can wear a Wood Watch with just about anything.

14) Showcase Craftsmanship

Not just a timekeeper
This amazing piece of art will elevate your overall look. It is amazing that such a small item as a watch can make such a difference to your overall appearance. It’s because WoodMafia Watches bring back a glimpse of the past: Real Craftsmanship. WoodMafia Watches are built to high standards to suit the modern gentleman. Not only this, but WoodMafia Wood Watches can be customised to fit your taste.

15) Minimalist Design

Our craftsman wisely chose to craft our watches by leaving the natural wood grain, streamlined shape, and uncomplicated face to be the main points of our Wood Watches.

16) Easy to Maintain

Wood is a brilliant material that with the right care, can look beautiful with minimal effort. We recommend that keep your Wood Watch looking gorgeous: Simply apply a dab of lemon or orange oil with a cotton cloth in brisk strokes. Then gently rub it in until there is no residue left.

17) The perfect Heirlooms

Wristwatches such as the WoodMafia range of Wood Watches are not just the perfect gift, but they are the ideal heirloom. When taken good care of, wood will last for a very long time and ages beautifully. Watches can mean a lot and stand the test of time. Being able to own a timepiece from a different time is a remembrance of the people who came before you. This does not mean that the watch is worth a small fortune, but what it resembles can mean so much more.

18) Variety of Colours

Natural wood can showcase a broad range of colours We all enjoy having something a little different and unique. With the range of Wood Watches at WoodMafia, you truly have a good choice variety in your watch. Almost all of our clients enjoy having a mix of colours, from the wood face to the different straps which we have available. WoodMafia watches enable you to display your personal, self-expressive style that is just naturally attractive.  

A few places you can buy wood watches

Amazon | Etsy