WoodMafia Watches Story


WoodMafia Watches Story – How we became Australia’s destination for hand crafted wood watches

WoodMafia wood watches are made from 100% natural timber to make the best wooden watches. The company was set up by online specialists Spencer Ford and Simon Barnett. Together, Spencer (the creative one) and Simon (the marketing one) have over 24 years of experience working on solutions for clients such as GE, Nestle, Hays Group, Lenovo, Optus, NextGen, Oakton, UXC, NZ Post and Private Box.

We started selling wooden watches to break free from our corporate jobs, and ultimately to reach our goal of feeding ourselves. Since then, WoodMafia’s vision and impact has grown, we now support wood plantations all around the world.

Our goal was to plant 1,500 trees within our first year, but we smashed this goal with over 10,000 trees planted in our first year. We are now making plans to plant over 100,000 trees, in the next 18-24 months.

The number one value at WoodMafia is, and will always be the environment. It’s a part of everything we do, from our paperless office, to planting trees, the environment is respected. For every single watch or accessory we sell, we plant one tree. Customers of WoodMafia appreciate the customer focused attitude and the unique shopping experience.

We produce wood watches made from 100% natural timber. We believe that your shopping experience should enjoyable, and to ensure that we live up to this expectation, our local team of customer service representatives are located in Melbourne, and we even offer free tracked delivery nationwide.