20 Buy one, Give one companies that help people in need

Charities have changed a lot over the years. Once upon a time we would simply put money in a box or buy some chocolates. Now there is a whole industry based around social change. An industry that has grown over the past few years is the “one for one”  or “Buy one, Give one”. Customers will purchase an item and the company will donate the equivalent item to someone in need.

We have identified 20 companies that are doing an amazing job of the “Buy one, Give one” philosophy. Next time you go online shopping, take into consideration the companies below and give one to someone in need.

1) Figs

Buy one, Give One set of Scrubs
Figs manufacture and sell high quality Scrubs. For every set of scrubs sold, they will give a set to a healthcare provider in need. Figs Scrubs help reduce hospital acquired infection rate by 66% , Increases productivity by 80%, Boost confidence and morale, Ignites energy and promotes teamwork, Increases happiness by 100%, Increases patient’s trust. To date, Figs has donated over 75,000 scrub sets within in 26 countries.

2) Everything happy

Buy one, Give one Blankie
Everything specialises in Blankies for children. For every product purchased, another one is given to a child in need. From orphanages to hospitals, to poverty-stricken communities, Everything Happy has touched the lives of thousands of children.

3) Smiles Squared

Buy one, give one Toothbrush
Smiles Squared sell Toothbrushes. Millions of children all around the world don’t have access to basic oral health care. Their buy-one, give-one philosophy ensures that when you purchase a toothbrush, you have a direct impact. When you purchase one of their toothbrushes, they will send one to a child in need.

4) Out of Print Clothing

Buy one Anything, Give one Book
Out of Print is an online retailer with a difference. Out of Print is dedicated to celebrating their favourite stories while promoting literacy. Any product purchased from Out of Print means that a book is donated to a community in need through Books For Africa.

5) Soapbox Soaps

Buy one, Give one Soap or Water
Soapbox sell soap products. When the owner learned that soap and clean water can make all the difference in the world for millions, they chose to empower customers to make global change through everyday purchases. For every product sold, a bar of soap or a month of clean water is given to a person in need.

6) One World Play Project

Buy one, Give one Soccer Ball
One World Play Project sells sporting equipment. For every ball you buy, they will donate a second ball to disadvantaged communities globally. With your help, they will bring the transformative power of play to millions of children who need it most.

7) B1G1

Buy one, Give one Anything
B1G1 is an online marketplace that empowers you to sell your products online with the proceeds going to charity. When you’re part of B1G1, you can link the sales of your products and services to high-impact projects across the globe. Many projects in B1G1 only require a few cents to get started. You don’t need to be a large company, all you need to do is set your giving schedule that fits into your business.

8) Roma Boots

Buy one, Give one Boot
Roma Boots produces and sells boots. They are a socially conscious boot company that merges fashion with philanthropy to help impoverished children around the world. For every pair of Boots purchased from Roma, a new pair boots stuffed with educational supplies is donated to a child in need.

9) One Million Lights

Buy one, Give one Light
One Million Lights is a flashlight company that has teamed up with Energizer. For $30 you will receive one flashlight and one will be donated someone in need. One Million Lights is focussing on the Nokero N233 solar light. For one day’s charge, it will deliver up to 15 hours of light.

10) Warby Parker

Buy one, Give one Pair of Glasses
Warby Parker is a trendy glasses brand. While they don’t give away a pair of glasses for every purchase, they have a different view on the Buy one-Give one approach. Instead of donating, their partners train men and women to sell glasses for ultra-affordable prices. Allowing them to earn a living and it forces their partners to sell glasses that people actually want.

11) This Bar Saves Lives

Buy one, Give one Packet of Food
This Bar Saves lives sells snack bars, and very yummy ones we must add. Every year, severe acute malnutrition claims the lives of 2.6 million children. This preventable life-threatening condition currently affects 20 million children worldwide, and less than 10% of these children are receiving the treatments they need. For every bar you buy, they will give a packet of life-saving food to a child in need. Since 2013 they have donated over 780,000 packets of food to children in need.

12) Mealshare

Buy one, Give one Meal
Mealshare partners with restaurants to deliver tasty meals. Their aim is to end youth hunger. When you order a Mealshare meal from one of their partners, you get the meal just like normal and they will deliver one meal to a youth in need.  To date Mealshare has donated over 675,000 Meals.

13) Nouri

Buy one, Give one Snack Bar
Nouri makes great tasting snack bars. Nouri was created to help make the world a better place. By creating a delicious snack that’s healthy, organic and eco-friendly. Secondly by incorporating people in need at the heart of their business. Nouri have made a simple promise that for every Nouri snack bar you purchase, they will donate a meal to feed a hungry child in school.

14) Baby Teresa

Buy one, Give one Rompa
Baby Teresa sells baby outfits. The concept has always remained a simple one with Baby Teresa, you buy one you give one.  By late 2015 Baby Teresa had donated to over 20 countries and had global press coverage. Baby Teresa also donates a portion of their accessories sales to provide baby formula in orphanages.

15) Bogo Bowl

Buy one, Give one Dog Food
BoGo Bowl produce and sell dog food. Bogo Bowl believe that all dogs deserve to be fed. They make it easy for dog lovers to help at-risk dogs in their own communities by buying food for their best friend. BoGo Bowel helps keep dogs in their homes, and provide food to shelters and rescues giving dogs the time they need to find the perfect family. BoGo Bowel donates a bag to shelter animals for each bag purchased.

16) Toms

Buy one, Give one Pair of Shoes, Sunglasses, Water or Safe Birth toms-buy-one-give-one-companies
Toms is one of the most well-known companies that provide a one-for-one charity through your purchases.  They use business for good, through tailored products and services, logistical support and local production. Toms provides shoes, sight, water, safe birth and bullying prevention services to people in need. Toms has expanded past their classic canvas shoes, and now sell boots, eyeglasses and much, sold with their one-for-one donation match. Products are sold in many stores as well as online.

17) State

Buy one, Give one Bag
State sell high quality bags. The company was started to address the needs of children living in need. For every bag purchased from State, they will deliver one backpack, full of tools for success to a child in need.

18) Faribault Woolen Mill

Buy one, Give one Blanket, Scarf or throw
Faribault Woolen Mill is one of the last woolen mills in America. Their fifth generation craftspeople take raw wool to make blankets, throws, scarves and woolen accessories. With every purchase of a blanket, throw or scarf this Winter season you’ll help provide warmth to people in need. W

19) The Dream Bed

Buy one, Give one Bed
The Dream Bed, is just that – a Dream bed company! A good night’s sleep is the foundation for everything we do. It affects our health, happiness, success and ability to dream big. That’s why they want to share the gift of sleep with everyone. When you purchase a bed from them, someone in need will also receive a bed.

20) The Company Store

Buy one, Give one Comforter
The Company Store sells more than just homewares. They are working to bring comfort to homeless children. For over 100 years The Company Store has aimed to be more than just a business, but a positive influence in the community. They support a variety of organisations, and seek to use resources to benefit those who are in need. The Company Store will match each purchase of a comforter with a donation of one to a homeless child in America.

37 Companies that give back when you buy

It is obvious that any company wants to make money, and needs to make money to survive. However, some people know there is more to life than profits and bonuses. We have compiled a list of 37 companies who’s ethos of giving back, is a way of life. Whether it is a buy one give one (B1G1) focus or a financial donation. We believe you should consider this list the next time you go shopping.

1) Twice as Warm

Twice as Warms mission is to spread warmth to people and communities around the world. For every winter clothing item purchased from Twice as Warm, one is donated to a local shelter.

2) Project 7

Project 7 are a specialty gum and mint brand dedicated to bringing great flavour back into your day while at the same time giving back to 7 areas of need. All of their products are made in America. They partner with non-profits making impacts in America and abroad. Great Tasting and World Changing. Products are available in many retail stores, as well as on their website.

3) Bought Beautifully

Bought Beautifully is an online marketplace connecting people to products that are ethically made and positively impacting the world. Bought Beautifully operate on a supply chain that ensures their suppliers are free from Slavery, Child Labour and ensures that works are not Exploited. Every purchase you make from Bought Beautifully, a donation will go to their programs for Orphans, Education, Health & Sensitisation, Human Trafficking and Food & water.

4) Hiptipico

Hiptipico is a fashion brand based in Guatemala. Hiptipico is from the Spanish word, “tipico,” which is the traditional clothing that indigenous Mayans wear in Guatemala. Hiptipico’s “Backpacks that Give Back” program provides education to Mayan children. 10% of proceeds from all purchases from Hiptipico goes directly to a scholarship funds for Mayan students.

5) Half United

Half United sells clothing and fashion accessories. For every HALF UNITED product that you purchase, Half United will provide 7 meals for a child in need. To date, Half United has provided over 200,000 meals for children in need in the USA, Fiji, Cambodia, Liberia, Nepal and Haiti.

6) Discovery Communications

Discovery is one of the worlds most recognised media companies. Focussing on igniting curiosity—for its global consumers as well as its employees. Through its Discovery Impact programs, Discovery Communications leverages the power of its brands, businesses and employees to give back to the world. From programming that inspires and educates to network and corporate cause-related partnerships to annual events that make a direct impact on the communities. Co-workers collaborate on programs like Say Yes To Prom, where women donate formal dresses to girls in need. Creating Change, a 12-hour pro bono creative marathon where the company lends its talents to a variety of non-profit organizations. Discovery also offers regular volunteer events in the communities where employees live and work.

7) The Company Store

The Company Store is working to bring comfort to homeless children. The Company Store will match each purchase of a comforter with a donation of one to a homeless child in America. They automatically ship comforters to Family Promise affiliates. The child will be able to keep the comforter as they move out of a shelter to transitional and permanent housing.

8) Beza Threads

Beza Threads sells scarves to help those in need through four programmes. Freedom School, brings formerly enslaved children up to a fifth grade education in 3-4 years. Freedom Boys, helps teenage boys repurpose textile skills they mastered in slavery toward a small business model that generates personal income and a sustainable future. Freedom Girls, equips teenage girls once enslaved in forced labour with seamstress and embroidery skills capable of securing a good-paying job. Deborah Girls, provides emotional and spiritual support for teenage girls once forced into prostitution. The girls also receive professional culinary and cosmetology training that ends with internship and job placement.

9) Atlassian

Atlassian creates innovative products for software developers and project managers. But it’s equally dedicated to building up communities worldwide. Partnering with charities like Room to Read, Atlassian donates $10 of every software starter license to help build libraries in developing countries. The company is constantly looking for ways to improve its company, its products, the environment, and the world around it.

10) 2 Degrees

2Degrees is new kind of Food Company, one that would make healthy, delicious products and help feed hungry children around the world. For every two snack bars purchased from 2 Degrees, they provide a meal to a child in need. Bars are available at many retail locations as well as online.

11) Figs

Figs is part of the Threads for Threads program. FIGS partners with many giving organizations that help us deliver clean scrubs all over the world. For every pair of scrubs purchased on their website, they will donate a pair of scrubs to a healthcare provider in a developing country.

12) Baby Teresa

Baby Teresa sells baby outfits. The concept is a very simple, for each romper sold another is donated to a baby in need. By late 2015 Baby Teresa had donated to over 20 countries and had global press coverage. The company also donates a portion of their accessories sales to provide baby formula in orphanages.

13) Panda

Panda –the gift of vision. They sell bamboo sunglasses and proceed from each purchase provide an eye exam and prescription glasses for school-aged children through the Optometry Giving Sight organisation.

14) Smile Squared

Smile Squared provides oral healthcare. Created with the vision of giving children their smiles back. Millions of children in the United States and around the world lack access to basic oral health care — or even a simple toothbrush! Their buy-one, give-one programme ensures that each purchase has a direct impact. When you buy one of their toothbrushes, they will send one to a child in need. You buy one, they’ll give one, and together they’ll bring back smiles, one at a time.

15) Roma

Roma sell boots. For each pair of boots you purchase, they will donate a pair filled with school supplies to a child in need. Roma Boots is operated out of Dallas, TX where the founder resides.

16) Good Spread

Good Spread love food, but more than that, they love great-tasting food. They go to painstaking lengths to make sure every product not only tastes great, but is also made from simple, all-natural ingredients. For every packet or jar of peanut butter purchased from Good Spread, the company donates an equivalent amount of “therapeutic food” to a malnourished child.

17) Out of Print

Out of Print clothing sells T-shirts and apparel printed with covers of classic literature. For every product purchased they donate one book to Books for Africa. Products are available at many bookstores and their website.

18) One World Play Project

One World Play Project created an ultra-durable ball to bring the transformative power of play to the hundreds of millions of youth who don’t even have something as simple as a ball. One World Play Project gives thousands of balls and play resources to organizations working with youth in disadvantaged communities worldwide.

19) People Water

People Water sell high quality drinking bottles, they bring water to people. People Water want to bring the essential gift of clean and safe drinking water to those without it, and For each reusable water bottle purchased, People Water donated the equivalent amount of water.

20) Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand sells soap products. Hand in Hand is gives soap and clean water to those in need and save lives without depending on a single donation. For every product purchased, Hand in Hand donates a bar of soap and provides a month of clean water to children in need.

21) Faucet Face

Faucet Face produce and sell BioSand water filters. Their product houses several layers of sand which trap and eliminate sediments, pathogens and other impurities from the water. As the contaminated water travels through the layers of sand, it gets cleaned. Through their 1 for 100 program, Faucet Face donates 2.5% of ALL sales of hose water and and a filter for every 5 or more individual bottles sold, to Third Millennium Awakening.

22) WeWood

WeWood sells unique wooden watches made from timber. WeWood is the brainchild of an Italian watch lover and two eco-smart entrepreneurs. They create wooden watches from scrap wood and use Miyota movements for the guts. WeWood is a hybrid of technology and nature resulting in a unique watch that’s both handsome and earth friendly. WeWood plants a tree for every wood watch purchased, and to date they have planted over 400,000 trees globally.

23) BoGo Bowl

BoGo Bowl produce and sell a wide variety of dog food. They believe all dogs – whether they’re in their forever home or waiting to find one. They make it easy for dog lovers to help at-risk dogs in their own communities by buying great food for their best friend. Working together, BoGo Bowel keep loved dogs in their homes, and provide food to shelters and rescues giving dogs the time they need to find the perfect family. BoGo Bowel donates a bag to shelter animals for each bag purchased.

24) Better World Books

Better World Books is the Online Bookstore with a Soul. They believe that education and access to books are basic human rights. That’s why books purchased from Better World Books helps to fund high-impact literacy projects around the world. Better World Books commit to matching every purchase on our website with a book donation to someone in need. To date, Better World Books has donated over 18.5 Million books!

25) Warby Parker

For every pair of glasses purchased from Warby Parker, the company donates the equivalent of a pair of glasses to non-profits throughout the world, as well as the training for locals to give eye exams. Learn more here.

26) TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor employees love to travel the world, they also love giving back to it and the company makes it easy for them to do so. Lunch is provided three times a week at the office and each week, their staff donate the money that they would have spent on food to charity. TripAdvisor’s employees participate in community service, this includes painting local schools. TripAdvisor even has its own charitable foundation, they give grants and monetary gifts to the places employees volunteer. TripAdvisor donates 2% of their profits to their charitable foundation.

27) Skyline Socks

Skyline sells socks and they know socks! Made with the finest materials at their disposal, it is their mission to provide the world with the most comfortable, durable, and visually appealing athletic sock on the market. For every pair of socks sold, a pair of socks will be donated to someone in that same city.

28) AOL

America Online is one of the world’s most recognisable network providers. Making a difference. It’s in their culture and core ethos. During the annual Monster Help Day AOL has volunteered over 50,000 hours from 3,000 staffers who volunteered across the world. AOL even matches employee non-profit contributions up to $250, giving staffers a chance to really make a difference in the organisations that matter to them most.

29) Thinx

By reimagining feminine hygiene products to provide support, comfort, confidence, and peace of mind, they aim to eliminate shame, empowering women and girls around the world. Thinx is designed by women in New York City and made by women in Sri Lanka. Their underwear is made at a family-run factory that has an outstanding commitment to providing supplementary education and training to its female employees, empowering them to become leaders in their communities.

30) Patton and Peanut

Patton and peanut are beautifully written books about dogs. Proceeds from the sale of the books goes to pediatric cancer. The owner wants to help end the suffering and help put a stop to funerals with footsie pajamas and caskets filled with our best friends, mothers, aunts, or siblings. He wants to help end this horrible disease that not only affects the person who has it but wreaks havoc on everyone around them.

31) LTSN Sound

LTSN Sound sells beautiful audio products. They believe what’s good for business should be good for the world. Their goal is to produce premium audio products and use proceeds from sales to change lives through the power of music. For every purchase from LTSN Sound, they help provide hearing aids to a person in need through the Starkey Hearing Foundation.

32) Thousand Hills

Thousand Hills makes great coffee. They partner with farmers and local community leaders to develop the coffee into a sustainable income and to pay a just Living Wage. When you buy coffee from Land of a Thousand Hills, you will get coffee that is 100% Arabica, fairly traded, and roasted fresh.

33) Hands Producing Hope

Hands Producing Hope sells jewellery and fashion accessories. They created a program that provides an income for people in need, encouraging education and host various life skill workshops throughout the year.

34) The Naked Hippie

The Naked Hippie sells tshirts. The Naked Hippie is a brand that stands for more than itself. They are a brand of t-shirts that invests 100% of it’s profits into micro loans to help people support themselves and their families. Profits from The Naked Hippie are invested into micro-loans in small businesses in developing countries. Every on of their tees purchased offsets water pollution by 3 gallons, supports fair trade initiatives, and supports eco-farming.

34) Yoobi

Yoobi sells colourful school and office supplies. Pronounced “you-be,” means “one for you, one for me.” For every item you purchase, an item will be donated to a classroom in need. Yoobi was born to make colourful, vibrant tools that spark learning and creativity. Not only do they want to perk up the school supplies aisle, but they wanted to help solve a very big problem.

36) TOMS

Toms is one of the most well-known companies that provide a one-for-one charity through your purchases, TOMS helps provide shoes, sight, water, safe birth and bullying prevention services to people in need. TOMS expanded beyond their classic canvas shoe model to sell boots, eyeglasses and more, all with their one-for-one donation match. Products are sold in many stores as well as online.

37) Indego Africa

Indego Africa is a non-profit lifestyle brand. They support women in Rwanda through financial support and education. Their mission is to break the poverty cycle by providing female artisans the tools that drive development in their communities. Indego Africa donates 100% of profits to fund training programs through their partners. They focus on: technology, business management, business development and English & Kinyarwanda literacy.

The 11 Best Wood Watch Companies

best wood watch companies

It has always been with us, it defines us, we all live by it, and every minute of every day it is with us, until the day we die. What is it?

Time of course. While time is infinite, the ways we check it are not. There is something so satisfying, so deeply embedded in our lives about looking at your wrist to check the time, there is a new shift back in the old wristwatch and this time with an eco-twist.

We have picked 11 of the best wood watch brands which produce and sell sustainable wooden watches for men and women, all of which would be perfect as gifts or as an investment piece for yourself. Don’t you think it’s time your accessories got a bit more eco-friendly? Check out the best wood watch companies below. 



1) Original Grain

Shop with Original Grain | Original Grain Reviews
origional grain best wood watch
Origional Grain are purveyors of style, they produce watches forged of wood, timber, steel and a fresh approach to classic traditions. They hold their timepieces to the highest standards of craftsmanship, authenticity, and quality. In doing so, each one of our products is truly an original. We chose Origional Gran to be on the best wood watch list, not just because they make amazing watches, but they have brilliant quality, design and their customer services is amazing. Many of their reviews are between 4 and 5 stars. We can assure you that when purchasing an Original Grain watch, you won’t be disappointed.

2) WE-Wood

Shop with We-Wood | We-Wood Reviews
WeWood is the brainchild of an Italian watch lover and two eco-smart entrepreneurs, We Wood creates wooden watches from mostly scrap-wood and uses state-of-the-art Miyota movements for the guts, a hybrid of technology and nature resulting in a unique watch that’s both handsome and earth friendly. We could not leave We-Wood off our best-of list, they are one of the global leaders in wood watches. We love their designs, innovation and craftsmanship. We-Wood had a number of issues early on with their watches, but we believe they have sorted this out and now produce world class watches.

3) Tense

Shop with Tense | Tense Reviews
Tense Watches designs high quality wooden watches. They are made from 100% recycled or reclaimed wood, and are powered by Miyota Watch Movements from Japan. Each watch is manufactured by hand in our workshop in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Tense has come a long way and I love their watches, I am wearing one as we type! Their simplistic and modern designs are brilliant. For a quality watch at a minimal cost, you should not pass by a Tense wood watch.

4) analogwatchco

Shop with analogwatchco | analogwatchco Reviews
Analogue Watch co are a small and independent business based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They are on the best watch list because they care about craftsmanship and beauty in simplicity. They aspire to transform and re-imagine unique and beautiful materials.

Analogye Watch Co are inspired the most by nature – leaves, trees, rocks, trickling water falls, crickets at night – they love it all! Analogue Watch co’s wood and stone watches are solidly built but are naturally 80% biodegradable. They use wood from off-cut lumber, genuine leather for the straps, and recyclable packaging. They partner with non-profits that are focused on nature. They plant trees for watches sold or contribute a portion of the sale towards environmental and mineral conservation & education.

5) TreeHut

Shop with Tree Hut | Tree Hut Reviews
Tree Hut’s roots were inspired through the big fantasy of living in a tree hut in Bali. The husband and wife founders were thousands of miles away from Bali’s sun, fun, and play – the thought of starting a small business that encompassed their values excited them just as much. In a tiny home basement in San Francisco – with one Etsy account and a few simple sunglass and watch designs – Tree Hut was born!

We love the Tree Hut story and how they came about, it’s one of the best stories you will find. Their wooden watches may not be the best in our selection, but we really like what they are doing for their cause and the environment. I am yet to receive their latest styles but anticipate they will be just as brilliant. You cannot pass up a Tree Hut Wood Watch.

6) Bewell

Shop with Bewell | Bewell Reviews
Shenzhen Zhongshi Watch & Clock Co., Ltd has been producing wood watches since 2006. They have their own watch brand that sells watches made from wood called BEWELL.

Bewell’ speciality is the production of exquisite wrist watches, we could not leave them of the best wood watch round up. Their main products, many of them original and unique, include: wooden watches, stainless steel wood watches, ceramic watches, alloy watches, and other materials, including plastic, and all are made to high and exacting standards. Some of the products are hand crafted by skilled engineers, while others make use of high tech materials to produce a practical yet beautiful time piece.

BeWell is one of the best wooden watch companies I have come across, I love their watches. We did not give them a top rating because their range is technically cheating, their watches are made from other materials. We love what they are doing, their designs, quality and workmanship is simply amazing. We have seen many 4 and 5 star reviews for Bewell which is impressive within this industry.


Shop with JORD | JORD Reviews
JORD is run by artists, designers, marketers, and minders. They spend their days creating, considering, arguing, and hopefully agreeing. Then they’ll scrap it all for the joy of starting new. They have fun. This is their journey.

JORD are focused on creating the best timepieces that are modelled after a modern lifestyle. They value sustainability, efficiency, and experiential living. They make their watches for people who don’t just have somewhere to be, they have somewhere to go. JORD had to make this list, they are a pioneer in wood watch design and engineering. Their online presence is very good, they have many many positive (a few negative) reviews. It was a debate if they should take top spot, but unfortunately a few of us have had issues with their watches and had to push them down the list. We are still impressed with many reviews ranging from 3 to 5 stars.

8) springbreak

Shop with SPGBK | SPGBK Reviews
SPGBK (short for Springbreak) is a contemporary watch brand, driven by millennials, that is purely focused on providing fashion pioneers with affordable and high quality watches. Launched by two fraternity brothers and childhood friends from a small town in North Carolina, their idea surfaced while looking for a cool watch to wear on the beach during college Spring Break that stood out, but was affordable. In the following years, they decided to embark on the idea and provide watch fanatics & people that enjoy contemporary accessories, with a better watch that we all deserve.

A watch that is more innovative, more awesome, and more eco-friendly. SPGBK were lower on the list, but we still love them. Their no-frills approach to wood watches is targeting the younger audience. We love their design, I have one stored in my desk and often take it out when I go to the beach. Their reviews are also positive, ranging from 3 to 5 stars.

9) Mistura

Shop with Mistura | Mistura Reviews
Mistura specializes in natural wooden watches for men and women, handcrafted with South American sustainable wood and 100% genuine leather. Various types of materials including teak, ebony, pui and even bamboo, are all used during the creation process. These trees are hand selected by their expert craftsmen to ensure the exceptional quality of our wooden wrist watches.

It takes up to 85 hours to produce each unique handcrafted wooden watch. After the wood goes through the drying process for about half a year, it is ready to be crafted to perfection. Mistura is a make very ‘interesting’ wood watches. We almost dropped them from the list because we felt their watches weren’t targeting our audience. However, we have had the pleasure of sourcing one of their watches. While they are a little funky, they are beautifully made and we could not leave them off the list.

10) Yesah

Shop with Yesah | Yesah Reviews
Yesah are a company devoted to giving back by regularly donating money to children’s hunger organizations. They truly believe that no child should starve or even go to bed with a grumbling stomach. It’s in their DNA to strive for a better world, and these are the little things that make a huge impact. It’s easy to brush off global problems when they don’t affect us as individuals, but they’re here to tell you, that doesn’t change the facts. The facts are simple. Many children who walk among this beautiful planet are starving and malnourished.

Innocent kids don’t deserve this! Even if you don’t buy any of their products, you can always support the cause by telling other people about it. Yesah made my life very difficult to make this best of list, they make amazing watches and they have an amazing story. I haven’t had much time to look at their watches but I found their craftsmanship to be on par with the top brands. I did feel their watches looked a little generic and may possibly come from the same factories as their competitors. Yesah have many reviews ranging from 2.5 to 4.5 stars.

11) Luno

Shop with Luno | Luno Reviews
LunoWear, the last on our best of wooden watch list, their watches were designed to be affordable and reliable. They set out to create a light weight, comfortable, and stylish wood watch. They succeeded. It was a long process of designing, creating, and testing prototypes but we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Their watches are made from all natural bamboo and ebony wood. That, plus a genuine leather band and you’ve got the most unique, stylish and, comfortable watch around. Sorry Luno, you are at the bottom of our list. This is because one of their watches broke when I lent it out to a friend. They make cheap and affordable watches, do watch their quality though. They have many reviews from 2 to 5 stars.

18 Companies that Plant a Tree every time you buy

Environmentally friendly businesses are in the spotlight more than ever, new businesses are sprouting up every day that are taking advantage of the environmental wave. As the world’s population becomes more aware of the environment, many people choose businesses with a sustainability focus.

We have put together a list of 18 companies who have pledged their commitment to planting trees for products and services they sell. The list of companies ranges from computers, books to shaving oil and they range from computers to books, surf boards to software. All of these businesses have one thing in common; they plant trees to help our planet.


1)  Gypsy & Lolo


Gypsy & Lolo is a fashion boutique that specialises in earth friendly fashion, supporting local manufactures. They give back to social causes and inspire people to share in the possibility of a sustainable future.For every one item purchased from Gypsy & Lolo, they will make a donation to plant one tree with Trees for the future.

2) Kentico Software


Kentico Software helps clients create successful websites, online stores, community sites and intranets using Kentico integrated marketing solutions. A tree for every bug which is found by their clients in their software. In addition, each tree is planted in honour of the client who found it, labelled with their name, company, and country. Since the beginning of the initiative, 1049 trees have been planted.

3)  Baron Fig


Baron Fig started as a project between friends. Every day, creative professionals and hobbyists like to pend vital time in their notebooks, so it’s important that they’re comfortable using them and that they fit their needs. Most of the books they found were either poorly made or flimsy, or cater towards visual artists making finished work. For every book purchased from Baron Fig, they will plant a tree. Over 59,000 trees have been planted since they started.

4) tentree


tentree was founded on the premise that every consumer wants to know they are contributing to the wellbeing of our planet. They believe that they can inspire a new group of consumers to tackle the environmental issues we are now faced with head on, positively impacting the future. For every item purchased from tentree, ten trees will be planted. To date, tentree has planted close to 8 Million trees!

5) Ecosia


Ecosia is the search engine that plants trees with its ad revenue. Get the free browser extension and use Ecosia every time you search. To date, Ecosia has planted more than 4 million trees around the world, most recently in Burkina Faso in Africa. They have recently generated over 2.5 million Euros for forestry programs since they started in 2009.

6) Prestige Decanters


Prestige Decanters is one of the fastest growing decanter companies with their products found in nearly every state in the USA. For each decanter purchased Prestige Decanters will make a donation to their not-for-profit partner to plant a tree in America. Their goal is to plant 100,000 trees

7) etnies


etnies designed their Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree project to be simple, so you can get involved in international reforestation while you shop. If you choose to buy a pair of etnies shoes from their Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree collection for men, women and kids, etnies will make a monetary donation to their not-for-profit partner Trees for the Future.

8) Dell


Dell is globally one of the largest IT firms and is leading the way to offset the impact of the PC’s they sell. Their “Plant a Tree for Me” campaign allows consumers to add a tree to their shopping cart when making purchases online.  They range from a $1 contribution which offsets an Inkjet Printer to $99 which offsets person for 1 year.

9) Pacific Shaving


Pacific Shaving Company offers a full line of affordably-priced, safe, natural and eco-friendly shaving essentials that can be found in thousands of fine retail locations across the USA. Since 2007, Pacific Shaving Company has been working with Trees for the Future, planting a tree for every purchase made. It’s just one of their small but mighty ways of bringing sustainable business practices to the resource-heavy world of personal care products.

10) Good Seeds Apparel


Good Seeds Appeal has an ongoing effort to support sustainability, most shirts are made with organic or eco-friendly materials and each one is hand-screen printed using eco-friendly, water-based inks. Good Seeds will plant ONE TREE with EVERY order!  With the help from our friends at Trees for the Future, our donations will plant trees with rural communities in the developing world,

11) Woodchuck USA


Woodchuck USA was founded with a simple mission, put nature back into peoples’ lives.  Humans are meant to have a deep connection with the Earth, and Woodchuck USA want to be a daily reminder of that with their real wood products made from timber. With every product purchased from WoodChuck USA, they plant a tree.  It’s their way of making a better world for future generations.

12) Wave Tribe


Wave Tribe is run by a few hard core surfers that spent much of their time in the water—thinking about how to make better products for you. They make badass gear that lasts, our hemp board bags protect your surfboards and are downright awesome—we are surfers first and foremost, nothing corporate here bro. For each purchase from Wave Tribe, they will make a donation to Trees for The future to plant one tree.

13) Trinity Oaks


Buy a bottle of wine and we’ll plant a tree. Trinity Oaks will plant one tree for each bottle of Trinity Oaks sold. There’s no limit to the number of trees they will plant, so buy a bottle of Trinity Oaks today and take one small step toward a greener tomorrow.

14) Eco-Libris


Eco-Libris strive for a world where reading books doesn’t have adverse effects on the environment, and therefore our mission is to make reading much more sustainable than it is today. If you buy a book from Eco-Libris, they will plant a tree.  About 20 Million trees are cut down annually for virgin paper used for the production of books sold in the U.S. alone.  They make sure that the trees will be planted where they provide significant value for both the environment and the local communities,

15) WeWOOD


The brainchild of an Italian watch lover and two eco-smart entrepreneurs, WEWOOD fashions wooden timepieces from mostly scrap-wood and uses state-of-the-art Miyota movements. With this cohesive collaboration, the goal is to help restore Mother Nature, one watch at a time, by planting a tree for every Wooden Watch purchased. Since 2011, WEWOOD has planted over 420,000 trees with its partners and sets challenging targets for 2015 and beyond.

16) Loose Fit Surf Shop


360Guide was born from passion for action sports, passion for writing and interest in the Internet. They have been snowboarding and surfing for a long time, and also enjoy wakeboarding, mountain biking, actually they enjoy any sport that gives you adrenaline, soul, lifestyle, puts you outside and connects you with nature. Surf & Trees Campaign launched in March 2006 and the trees they planted so far will result in over 200 tons of carbon dioxide being absorbed. This will give the Loose-Fit Surf Shop a Carbon Zero stamp.

17) JustNeem


JustNeem is a body care company based in Cary, NC, specializing in natural, premium Neem products for body and skin care. JustNeem is a certified B-Corporation. B-Corporations are a new type of corporation, which use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. Since 2007, over 200 trees have been planted through JustNeem.

18) Babychecklist


BabyChecklist.com is offsetting its carbon emissions associated with the shipping of BabyChecklist.com and PamperedTot.com products through Carbonfund.org, while also planting a tree for every stroller purchase.

Media Alert: WoodMafia Announces a Further 10,000 Trees to be Planted in 2016

April 15 2016 – WoodMafia is celebrating a solid first year of business by planting another 10,000 trees in 2016. Offering a unique range of premium wood watches made from timber, WoodMafia plants one tree for every watch purchased. Simon Barnett, Director of Sales and Marketing, today announced the company has pledged another 10,000 trees for 2016. “We only expected to plant 1,500 trees in our first 12 months, and we smashed it by planting more than 10,000 in 2015 alone,” said Simon. “The support from customers and staff is fantastic, they are getting behind our social enterprise.”

View WoodMafia Media Alert 15/04/2016

Help WoodMafia plant 10,000 trees in 2016!

Rainforests once covered more than 14% of the earth’s land, now less than 6% of the earth is covered. More than 60 acres of rainforest iscut down every minute, posing unprecedented risks for our planets entire population.

WoodMafia aims to help reverse these numbers with our focus on sustainability. WoodMafia is committed to helping the environment, by planting one tree for every wooden watch purchased directly from us, or one of our partners. We will never limit the amount of trees planted. It is our goal to make 2016 the year of the tree, by planting 10,000 trees this year alone! Click here to help us plant 10,000 trees

All New NATO Wristbands

At WoodMafia we work hard to get you the latest in high quality wood watches and watch accessories. Today we are launching our latest range of wristbands.

Our NATO-inspired watch straps are designed exclusively by WoodMafia in Australia for our wood watches made from timber. We have carefully selected the right material and designs to complement our unique range of watches. Nato wristbands can be traced all the way back to the Second World War and we believe they complement our wood watches perfectly.

Available in a variety of colours and materials, Nato wristbands showcase a glimpse of their ancestors while displaying a contemporary look and feel.


View our NATO wristbands

PPG Unveil Wood Care Product Line

Flood wood care – has unveiled its new comprehensive Flood Pro Series line of professional stains, finishes and preparation products, available exclusively at PPG PAINTS stores and independent retailers across the U.S. The series has been created through extensive research in association with PPG’s global wood care technology resources.
– See more at: http://www.zacks.com/stock/news/208501/ppg-industries-unveils-flood-pro-wood-care-product-line#sthash.kltqgO1N.dpuf

Wood Watches by WoodMafia #woodwatch #Australia

Discover the latest range of wood watches made from timber. Buy environmentally friendly wood watches, designed in Australia for our tough climate. For every watch purchased, we will plant a tree in your name. Keep an eye out for our latest watches which are due to launch mid 2016.

China Hosts 6th Global Wood Trade Conference

In 2016, the 6th GWT China Conference will continue discuss the opportunities and challenges of the global timber and wood products industry and firstly into the mid- and downstream businesses including interior decoration, furniture, wooden window and door and also wooden construction. It is also viewed as a great opportunity to start the communication and cooperation between the related companies and organizations from Hubei and all over the world.

Read highlights from the event

Will Toyota’s next car be made from wood? #woodcar

Toyota’s Setsuna concept car, which translates to “moment” in Japanese, aims to embody the fleeting moments people have together with their vehicles. So instead of a self-driving car equipped with a lounge, or a vehicle covered in touchscreens for constant engagement on social media, this car is made of wood.