10 trees for every sale – Meet a start up with strong goals

Carbon radiation is quite an important issue these days and different factors which contribute to it have grown during this time. But in spite of this, few things have been done to control this. During time, various human activities have increased carbon radiation, and now it has reached risky levels which have not been noted during the last 3 million years.

According to Wow Science, carbon radiation numbers are very disturbing, if we take into account that in USA the radiation per person is 20 metric tons. Another company, called TruWood states that all of us must respect and understand the nature at the same time. The company is based in USA and its goal is to give great value to the world.

TruWood started its journey in 2016, May which mainly sells watches and fashion accessories. They mainly focus on creating quality and sustainable products. Besides this business, they made partnership with NGO called “Trees for the Future”, with a single goal of planting 10 trees along with their every sale.

TruWood moves forward with a unique motto: Give back more than you receive. And being loyal to their motto, the company has planted more than 75.000 trees, and this is just beginning.

As we see, many huge companies nowadays only think of making great money, and it is very encouraging that TruWood has something more to offer. And their efforts are surely paid.