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Best Wood Watches for 2016

Wood watches have become the latest eco-trend to hit the market. Over the years many watch companies have started to make wood watches from timber. I have tried and tested many different brands of wood watches, I am now sharing my review of woodwatches for 2016.

Some of the best watches in my selection may surprise you, from cheap and cheerful Chinese models, all the way to a watch that every moving part (apart from the spring) is made from wood! I hope you enjoy this review. If you have any feedback, please do not hesitate to comment.



10) Bewell: Red Sandal

Bewell 10 best wood watch

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Priced from: $59.00
4 Stars based on 45 Customers

Bewell Red Sandal watch features

  • Outer Case: 100% All-Natural Wood
  • Case Diameter:45mm
  • Case Thickness: 13mm
  • Band Width: 25m
  • Band Length: 195mm with Adjustable Links
  • Clasp: Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 67gram
  • Movement: Japanese Miyota Quartz

It was a hard decision to place Bewell on our review. Their watches incorporate great design at an affordable price. Bewell is more of a manufacturer in china than a watch brand. I’ve had Bewell watches in the office for some time, and enjoy their simplistic approach to wooden watches. Some of their watches lack the finer details, but the Red Sandal from Bewell is the best from their wide range of mass produced wooden watches. This is a great watch, it has been built well and has everything you need from a basic wooden watch. The only major problem with this watch is the cheaply made clasp.

9) Original Grain: The Barrel

Original Grain 9 best wooden watch

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Priced from: $129.00
4 Stars based on 24 Customers

Origional Grain The Barrell watch features

  • Outer Case: Reclaimed American Oak Whiskey Barrel Wood
  • Movement: Japanese Miyota Quartz
  • Face: 47mm
  • Glass: Hardened Mineral Crystal Glass (Scratch Resistant)
  • Band: 24mm Stainless Steel Band with Exotic Wood Inlay

Introducing the Barrel from Original Grain, this watch had to go on our review. This is their first timepiece that is crafted from reclaimed whiskey barrel. The collection this watch is included in consists of a variety of exotic hardwoods built with inlaid stainless steel band and case. The Barrel is a unique watch that watch lovers will appreciate. This watch has the added benefit of a first of a kind Apple Watch adapter.

Now lovers of digital and analog technology can have a classic timepiece and the Apple Watch in one! The Barrel is a great timepiece for anyone after an affordable watch made from Wood. This watch is a beautiful balance of wood and metal. I find the style and quality of the watch to be average. For the price point of $129, you couldn’t expect the watch to be as precise as some of the top brands. Still, this is a very good watch for the price.

8) WeWood: Kappa Nut Rough

WeWOOD-Kappa-Nut-Best watches made from wood for 2016

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Priced from: $179.00
4 Stars based on 55 Customers

WeWood Kappa Nut Rough watch features

  • Outer Case: 100% Natural Wood
  • Hypo-allergenic, completely free of toxic chemicals
  • Movement: Miyota Multi-function
  • Glass: Hardened, scratch-proof mineral
  • Band: 100% All-Natural Wood

Introducing all new Kappa Nut Natural, this is one of the best watches from WeWood that I have come across to date. WeWood is a well-known brand that designs their watches in Italy and supposedly makes them in Europe. Some sources have proven their watches are made in China, but we will leave that discussion for another day. The Kappa Nut Natural incorporates a Miyota movement which details the day of the week, hours of the day and the date. This watch is made from unfinished Walnut and ‘usually’ comes from Eastern Europe and Western Asia (we believe the latter).

This watch can come in a lighter pale brown to a dark chocolate brown. This watch sometimes will have a grey, purple, or reddish cast. The Kappa Nut Rough is a beautifully designed watch that we could not pass up for this review. This watch is one of the newest wooden watches on the block, we didn’t give it a high ranking because we haven’t been able to fully test the reliability and quality. It feels well built, and has a decent weight. However, since the watch is so new, there is a lack of feedback on this watch from verified customers.

7) Jesús 4lonso: MX

Jesus-4lonso-MX-Best wood Watches for 2016

Priced from: $3,999.00
3 Stars based on 1 Customer

Elegant craftsmanship meets the digital age thanks to Mexican designer Jesús 4lonso and his wooden watches. Avoiding unnecessary functionality for his watches that are more like a sculpture than a wristwatch. These elusive timepieces are made by Jesús are very hard to come by. I have been trying to get hold of one of these pieces for a long time.

After many, many hours of research, I concur, these timepieces need to be in this review. Simply because they take it to the next level. Unfortunately I was unable to source anyone who had even touched one of these amazing timepieces. It may seem detrimental by listing a watch on this list that I couldn’t source or handle first-hand. However, I believe these time pieces are worth taking note of. I couldn’t put them high up the chart because no one I know has physically touched one, but they do have some very good reviews online.

6) Jord: Frankie Series

jord-Frankie-Series-Best for 2016

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Priced from: $179.00
5 Stars based on 16 Customers

Jord Frankie watch features

  • Movement: Quartz Swiss Ronda Normtech Caliber 763
  • Display: hours – minutes – seconds
  • Accuracy: -10/+20 seconds /mo
  • Battery: silver oxide No.364 (equiv)
  • Drive system: 2-pole stepping motor

The Frankie Series of watches from Jord is a prime example of a low-to mid priced wood watch that ticks most of the boxes in the best of watches made from wood. Needless to say, this watch will make the perfect gift for anyone. When receiving this watch, you will notice how luxurious the packaging and presentation is. The wooden box this watch came in is a work of art, with its quality pillow inside The Frankie Series Wooden Watch has to be our top pic from Jord.

This watch is incredibly unique, stylish, and a steal for the amount of craftsmanship, and quality this watch provides. I gave this watch a high ranking and included it in our review because I found this watch to be very well crafted, it received many complements and with such a reasonable price point. I believe this watch is one of the top examples of a wooden watch on the market. The only reason it was not higher in the chart, is because the competition gets very difficult from here in.

5) Nixon: Rotolog 35mm

Nixon-Rotolog-35mm-Best for 2016

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Priced from: $439.00
4.5 Stars based on 45 Customers

Nixon Rotolog watch features

  • Contemporary jewellery-like appearance with inlayed wood inspired by mid-century furniture and style
  • Direct drive quartz movement with rotating hour/minute discs and printed numbers and indices
  • Stainless steel top finish with etched Nixon logo and pusher-activated LED light
  • Tapered stainless steel 2-link bracelet with inlays of wood, bamboo or enamel and butterfly clasp

Nixon has been on the cutting edge of watch fashion since they began. Men for whatever reason have a fascination with wood and Nixon has taken to the charm of wood as well. The Rotolog is simple, contemporary and showcases the beauty of wood. The Rotolog is a brilliant example of a well-designed and beautifully made timepiece at the right price.

The only major downside of this watch is that it’s a hybrid of wood and metal. I couldn’t place this watch in our #1 spot for this reason. The Rotolog is the perfect balance of craftsmanship, quality and priced very reasonably too. Reviewing this watch felt like taking a step back in time, where quality and style of this watch is uncompromised.

4) Tense: Northwest Collection

Tense-Northwest-Collection-Best Wood Watches for 2016

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Priced from: $189.00
5 Stars based on 27 Customers

Tense Northwest watch features

  • Made by master Craftsman
  • Becomes better with age due to oils in skin
  • First multi-eyed wood watch in the world
  • Adjustable with small screwdriver
  • 2 year warranty from Tense

Tense is one of the better watch brands I have come across. Their craftsmanship is proven by the quality and mix of contemporary and sophisticated style. I am impressed with this watch, and for such an affordable price point, we are more than happy with the quality of this watch.

This is one of my favourite watches, although it may be one of the cheaper models on the market, I am proud to wear this watch alongside some of my US$1000+ wristwatches. I have personally owned one of these watches for some time. I did have an issue with it early on, I have found it to be built from high quality material and the craftsmanship is up there with some of the bigger brands.

3) Valerii Danevych: Retrograde Wooden


Priced from: $196,000.00
5 Stars based on 1 Customer

Valerii Danevych Retrograde watch features

  • Outer Case Dimensions: 46mm wide and 18mm thick.
  • Outer Case Material: 100% Wood, hornbeam, apple, birch and bamboo
  • Movement: 36mm x 13mm
  • Number of parts: 188

This pure wood watch from Danevych took time to take shape. Damecych comes from a line of craftsmen, had no watchmaking training, but after many years of studying the mechanical aspects of watches, he has crafted his first fully-functioning wooden watch. Each of his unique wooden wristwatches showcase beauty and the ultimate craftsmanship. Using exotic flavours of wood to create the finer details. Functionality is the underlying principal to the design, he has used birch for strength and reliability.

Unfortunately I was unable to get my hands on this watch model. These watches are very elusive, and only the very elite are able to afford to get their hands on such and elegant timepiece. Fortunately I was able to find someone who’s had the pleasure of handling this timepiece. My review is based from first-hand experience of an independent reviewer, and many hours of digital research. Unfortunately I couldn’t give this watch the top spot. The limited availability, market and affordability has put this watch out of the reach from the general consumer.

2) Grovemade: Walnut


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Priced from $239.00
4.5 Stars based on 23 Customers

Grovemade Walnut watch features

  • Finish: Hand sanded and finished with vegetable-based oil
  • Movement: Miyota quartz 5Y26
  • Materials: Domestic Vegetable-Tanned Leather Strap, Stainless Steel
  • Diamensions: Thickness: 0.39″, Diameter: 1.58″,

The Grovemade Walnut Watch almost has no competition. This watch is crafted in either Oregon Claro Walnut or Eastern Hard rock Maple. This watches face has 12 windows displaying standard clock points, and coloured hands reveals the current hour and minute. This watch is built with a stainless steel core and vegetable tanned leather straps. I have fallen in love with this wooden watch and wish I could accept this as the number one watch, unfortunately there is always something else on the horizon.

1) Cocuzzi: Number 05

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Priced from: $3,500.00
5 Stars based on 3 Customers

Cocuzzi Number 05 watch features

  • Outer Case: Solid wood containing a second brass machined case
  • Movement: Swiss ETA 251.272
  • Number of parts: 61 excluding the movement
  • Bezel: Solid wood installed on a brass machined support
  • Face: Sapphire Crystal Bombè
  • Counters: Inlayed in wood
  • Index: Type stick with pins
  • Hands: Screw chrome
  • All parts are Swiss Made. Serial number engraved on the back in gold.

Now you have it, the number one wood watch today. The Calcuzzi watches are a celebration of beauty, contemporary art and functionality. I have fallen for Cocuzzi wooden watches. They are characterised by the Italian designer’s eye for detail. The watchstrap is made from wood that undergoes a series of treatments to make the watch strap durable and 100% water proof.

The strap is polished to bring out the grain and colour of the natural wood, making each watch individual and unique. Cocuzzi has proven to be the leading watch manufacture by making high quality watches. I am blown away by the quality and craftsmanship of these watches. Considering the watch has a price tag to go along with it. Upon first inspection of this watch, it was hard to put down. The Cocuzzi Number 5 is by far the leading wooden timepiece in my books.