How to adjust the strap on your wood watch

Adjusting the size of your wood or timber watch strap is very easy. All WoodMafia’s wood watches come with with adjustable straps (or bracelets) that are designed to be super easy to adjust. To get started all you need is two small screwdrivers, you can buy these screwdrivers from any hardware store for around$5.

how to adjust a wood watch strap

Step 1) Place one screwdriver into one end and hold it, while you unscrew the other end. 

step 1 how-to-adjust-wood-watch-strap

Step 2) On one of the ends, a little screw will come out out, take that little screw out and put it aside.

step 2-how-to-adjust-wood-watch-strap

Step 3) On the other side will be a pin. To remove it, push your little screwdriver through the opposite hole and it will pop out. 

step 3 how-to-adjust-wood-watch-strap

Step 4) Now the pin has been removed the link will be free. Repeat this process in order to adjust the wooden strap even more. To get the right size, you can compare the watch strap to another watch that you fit, just keep trying it on the the watch strap fits.

step 4 how-to-adjust-wood-watch-strap

Step 5) Next, you just need to put it all back together, just line up the little holes and put the pin back in.

step 5 how-to-adjust-wood-watch-strap

Step 6) Push the little screw back in, with one of the screwdrivers, hold the pin in place while you screw it back together with the other screw driver. Don’t forget to save your removed links, just in case you ever need to replace them.

step 6 how-to-adjust-wood-watch-strap